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4 - Cup Combo Deal


Buy 4 cups at a discount. Each is individually packaged and comes with its own storage pouch, cleaning brush and brochure. 2 of cup #1 and 2 of cup #2

Recently a French study indicated that frequent disinfection may decrease infection risk. The study suggested to change to a fresh cup every 6 hours. To make this practical it would be best to have 4 cups in rotation and disinfect them once a day. This combo deal is for users who would like to follow this approach.

The Consumer Reports summary can be found here 

Some things to keep in mind:

1) There are very few cases of TSS in cups on record

2) The study identified that the bacteria associated with TSS clings much less to TPE than it does to silicone. MeLuna cups are made from the safer TPE material- not silicone!

3) MeLuna cups original cleaning instructions of cleaning with Cetaphil and disinfecting only twice during each cycle was verified to be sufficient in an independent lab study for our FDA clearance

4) If you have had TSS before any internally worn menstrual device (cup or tampon, etc) is NOT recommended

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