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Covid and Your Menstrual Cup  thumbnail image

Covid and Your Menstrual Cup

MeLuna USA  |  Apr 22nd 2021

Topic: wellness

We are currently experiencing an unusually high order volume as people become aware how much more reassuring and convenient it is to have a menstrual product they can use for years, versus supplies that need to be replenished at the store on an ongoing basis.

You may be curious how corona virus is affecting MeLuna USA and its products.

Is MeLuna taking precautions?

MeLuna USA is a FDA registered facility. As such we abide by federal as well as state regulations when it comes to good manufacturing practices. Our facilities are regularly inspected by the FDA. We are also registered and inspected by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Our company guidelines have always included disinfection of all work surfaces at the beginning of the work day and included the use of hand sanitizers ever since the MeLuna USA facility opened several years ago.

In other words the guidelines that are new to most people at this time, have always been part of MeLuna USA policy.

In addition you may have run into MeLuna’s very strict returns policies. The cups are shipped with two seals at each end and if either one has been opened the cup can not be returned. No handling by third parties should ever have occured.

This policy has been in place since the start of our business.

Money back returns are immediately destroyed.

While our strict safely policies may have seemed overly cautious in the past, it now puts us into a position where we can continue business as we always have done it, without having to adopt new procedures.

Our policies have always focused on your health and safety.

Should you be taking precautions with your cup?

This is another aspect where MeLuna’s focus on caution and safety allows us to stick with the guidelines we already had in place.

MeLuna guidelines have always included:

Disinfect your menstrual cup before first use and after every period. Disinfect before next period. Use boiling water or Milton tabs. Do not use alcohol wipes to disinfect your cup.

Wash your hands before inserting or removing your cup. Clean your cup every 8-12 hours with mild detergent.

See … easy peasy. Same instructions as always. You can find detailed care instructions on our website

How are menstrual cup supplies impacted?

We are experiencing an unsually high order volume. More menstrual cups are on order. However since rules on transportation may change quickly it is a little more uncertain how fast we can get new supplies.

Our menstrual cups also generally have to be cleared by the FDA before we can take possession of them. If there are any delays in this process, our supplies may be delayed.

Thank you for Your business!

We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have and hope this short post answered some of your questions!

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