MeLuna USA Partnership with Shelters

MeLuna USA Partnership with Shelters

Mar 16th 2018

We have received too many requests for donations to meet the need by company donations alone. I believe we have come up with an idea that would result in ZERO cost cups for organizations supporting women in shelters!
MeLuna cups are one of the lowest cost FDA cleared menstrual cups on the market at $24.95 retail. That is still out of reach for many women in our country.

MeLuna USA has been trying to respond to inquiries with donations but our resources are too limited to reach as far as we would like.

To expand on how many people we can help we will now partner with organizations that serve women in shelters.
We will do this by adding a 'cup donations page' to our online shop where we will feature several different organizations. The public will have an opportunity to purchase cups for the organization of their choice for only $10 per cup. We will not make any profit off of this, in fact we will incur administrative, labor and shipping costs but at least it will cover the material cost of the cups.

Once a month MeLuna USA will then tally up the cup orders for the different organizations and ship the cups directly to the organizations. Of course MeLuna will also contribute a set amount of cups donated by MeLuna USA directly to ensure each organization receives plenty of cups.

A preliminary survey amongst MeLuna users showed that many of our lovely customers would be very willing to purchase a cup for a woman in need as long as the process is simple and the cost low.

Since cleaning is so very important with reusable products all we ask in return from participating organizations is that the organizations agree to provide adequate training in regards to disinfection procedures to each cup recipient to ensure cup users can enjoy the cups risk free.

Please carefully assess whether or not your recipients are in a position to properly clean the cups. If access to the necessary supplies/facilities is severely limited your recipients may be better served with disposable products.

If you are involved in an organization that could benefit from this, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details!