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No Luck with Menstrual Discs?  thumbnail image

No Luck with Menstrual Discs?

MeLuna USA  |  Oct 14th 2022

Menstrual discs are popping up (and out) everywhere and almost every cup manufacturer offers a version.

They seem like the perfect solution: reusable like a menstrual cup but also safe to wear during sex.

Unfortunately for many users menstrual discs turn out to be a struggle.

The reason for this is the required placement. The back rim sits beneath the cervix while the front room 'catches' on the pubic bone.

Or rather often it doesn't.

Depending on your anatomy your pubic bone may be too shallow to secure the disc.

Unfortunately there are not really any techniques that can change your anatomy and make the disc fit more securely 

Even those users that have the perfect disc supporting anatomy may find menstrual discs require more hands on 'up in there' user involvement than they expected.

They're a great alternative to cups if your anatomy can accommodate it and you don't mind a more involved insertion process.

However you are not alone if your trial with menstrual discs has been unsuccessful and rather than having dependable period care you have to worry about your disc slipping out.

Menstrual cups do not require securing by pubic bone and seal comfortably as long as the correct diameter was chosen. 

Are you curious about what menstrual cup would be perfect for you? 

Let the Cup Fairy help you select your Goldilocks

If you are committed to finding success with discs maybe a different disc will work better.

SAALT makes discs in two sizes.

Hello Period' s two loop disc is a best seller in One Stop Period Shop.

Both are worth checking out if you would like to give discs another try.

You can find them here: One Stop Period Shop (not associated with the Meluna brand)

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