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Posted by Karin on Sep 15th 2023

Menstrual Cups have been around for quite some time now. MeLuna USA received FDA clearance in 2014 in the US for example and has been in existence in Europe since 2009.They are a safe and effective alternative to other menstrual products.If you are wondering what a menstrual cup is exactly and how it can make your period more convenient, more economical and more eco-friendly then this article is for you!What is a menstrual cup?Menstrual cups are… Read more
Is Your Menstrual Cup Too Long? Menstrual cups that are too long can be very uncomfortable. Even cup users who have never had a problem with cup length can experience a lowered cervix for example after pregnancy and child birth. How would you know that your cup is too long? Generally when cup users can feel the handle of the cup or the bottom of the cup at their vaginal entrance, they assume the cup is too long. A lot of times this is cor… Read more
Menstrual discs are popping up (and out) everywhere and almost every cup manufacturer offers a version.They seem like the perfect solution: reusable like a menstrual cup but also safe to wear during sex.Unfortunately for many users menstrual discs turn out to be a struggle.The reason for this is the required placement. The back rim sits beneath the cervix while the front room 'catches' on the pubic bone.Or rather often it doesn't.Depending on you… Read more

May 19th 2021

Are you frustrated with a bad smelling menstrual cup? We can help! We'd love to tell you that, unlike other brands, your MeLuna menstrual cup will never smell but unfortunately that would not be true. All menstrual cups can develop an unpleasant odor. How Menstrual Cup Odor Develops The smell is caused by protein compounds in the blood. Because of the variations of proteins in the blood it is possible that a menstrual c… Read more