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The Mysteries of Shipping Explained

MeLuna USA  |  Mar 16th 2018

We know you are anxious to get your new cup! We want to get it to you as fast as possible!

Today's blog entry will explain what to expect from the shipping/ordering process.

You have probably already seen a short paragraph on our shipping policies on the shop page:


A lot of confusion originates with how the postal service names their shipping products. For example when you read Priority -2-Day™ it means you are choosing this specific service from the US postal service. Funny thing is the postal service doesn't even guarantee that it will be able to transport it in that time frame...but that's the trademarked name they gave this service and most of the time they live up to their promise.

The super important thing to remember though is: what you are selecting is shipping options. Shipping option has an influence on the transit speed- not the processing time.

We frequently get emails like this:

I ordered Saturday evening and chose 2 day shipping and it's Monday morning and my order is still not here!!!

What happened?

Weekend. Thats' what happened. :)


MeLuna USA headquarters is actually just a small office with a few employees, dedicated to making your cup dreams come true!

But...we also like to spend nights and weekends with our families.
That's where the 2 day processing time comes in.
Processing time means one of our lovely employees comes to the office, receives your order, packages your goods and gets it ready for shipping.

What is happening at this point?
Your mailing label is created. At this time you will get an email from with your tracking info.
Don't get too excited yet! It will only be after the postal service picks up the packages the next morning and scans them in that they will show up on their website for tracking.

Got Gmail? Check your spam folder. Gmail takes protecting you from tracking info very seriously and tends to put it in a safe place...not your inbox.

In the morning your package enters the mail stream when the US Postal Service comes to pick up our packages for the day.

Companies like Amazon are big enough to employ shipping staff round the clock. They are such huge customers to UPS, Fedex and USPS that those providers accommodate them with their shipping needs. We rely on our daytime employees and our pick up schedule goes by the regular postal pick up schedule. If you do need a cup in 2 days , ordering a MeLuna cup from Amazon might actually be a great idea!

We truly love our jobs here and we do want you to have a great shopping experience with us. We are excited about you giving MeLuna Menstrual cups a try. Please know that we are appreciating your orders and are processing them as fast as possible.

Thanks so much for being a MeLuna USA customer!

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