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Collector's Bamboo Pad of the Month Club - Regular

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 The collector's bamboo cloth pad - get one special edition hand stamped, hand dyed  bamboo velour pad in the mail each month!

You will receive one pad every month until you cancel

Subscription can be canceled at any time.


The full subscription will include each month:

1 new menstrual pad suitable for regular users

a small surprise PMS worthy treat


Please note: this is a surprise subscription and while we may offer sneak peeks, modification or special orders are not possible with the subscription. You will be billed on the 1st of the month each month. Your pad will ship within 4 days of payment received, around the 5th of every month

 When evaluating the value of this subscription please consider the following:

  • Shipping is free with the subscription. Usually Shipping runs around $4
  • Your subscription will include various absorbencies ranging from light to heavy. A panty liner (light absorbency) Domino Pad for example is $13.95 retail
  • The collector's versions of the pads are not available in the store so there is no retail price
  • You will not be able to choose your absorbency or pattern. If you would like to determine pattern and absorbency we suggest simply shopping straight from our store

To sign up for this subscription please complete the form and checkout below