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Face Mask w/ Pocket & adjustable Nose

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One Reusable Face Mask with adjustable Nose Piece, Filter Pocket and 3 Melt Blown Filters

Are you able to make your own fabric face mask? That's great! If you would like to do that you can find patterns and instructions here.

If you are unable to do that and would like one, we would like to offer you this option.

It's made from cotton fabric outer and organic, unbleached cotton inner, attached with 1/4" elastic. Color of elastic may vary.

The pocket with filter and adjustable nose version includes a bendable aluminum nose piece. It has a large pocket and comes with 3 meltblown filter fabric pieces.

Meltblown filter is often used as the core in professional face masks.

About the meltblown filter material:

It is not designed to be reused however technically it is washable and will survive hot washing okay. No testing has been done on filtration capabilities of washed meltblown filters. You will have to decide if you want to use it as disposable or wash and reuse. We make no claims in regards to this. The filters are 7" by 5". You can use them as one single sheet or fold them. You can also cut them if you wish. You will receive 3 with this listing.

The mask itself is of course designed to be washed and reused. It is meant to limit the transfer of droplets. It is not able to kill or prevent the virus. It just limits transmission by creating a physical barrier for the droplets.

The masks are made using a modified version of the instructions above, provided by Turban Project. On the pocket masks we increased the height to accommodate for nose piece and extra materials.

Determining your size the fast way:

Child size from the tutorial is therefore a size SMALL for this listing.

Adult size from the tutorial is a size LARGE for this listing.

We created an intermediary size for adults with small or narrow faces that we labeled MEDIUM in this listing. 

Determining your size by measurement:

Below are the UNSTRETCHED MEASUREMENTS from the center of the back of the ear to the center of the back of the ear on the other side measured across your face. See illustrations below. Choose the size that most closely corresponds to your measurement. Use a tape measure and measure from the back of your ear center across your nose to the back of your ear center on the other side. Choose the size that is just above the actual mask measurements shown below. For example if your measurement is 14.75" then your preferred mask would be the medium at 14.5". The elastic will stretch a little but you don't want it so narrow that it gets too tight.


If you want a snugger fit you can simply tie the elastic as shown in the product gallery

For extra full or large faces we offer the option to add length in the elastic. Please choose the LARGE (adult) size and check option 'add extra length'. 

No NOT use the XL option on small or medium masks.