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Menstrual Cup with Ring, Classic Firmness

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This is a standard height cup for users with average cervix position. Our popular Classic firmness works well for most users. It is easy to insert and remove and very comfortable to wear.

This menstrual cup is featured in the standard size range in clear, sapphire blue or amethyst purple.

The handle is available in styles:

a small ball - our least noticeable handle style, most comfortable

a ring - most noticeable and easiest to find style for users worried about  not being able to reach their cup easily

a stem - great for beginners, this style is comfortable and easy to find

This listing is for the RING handle style


Your MeLuna will come with the following items:

  • the MeLuna cup of your choice
  • a free cleaning brush for the air holes
  • a free MeLuna microfiber pouch
  • the instruction pamphlet 

IMPORTANT: If you would rather have one of the organic pouch options or a zipper bag, you can upgrade your MeLuna bag HERE.



If the MeLuna will be your first Menstrual Cup YAY! We are here to help, if you have any questions. 

If you are switching from another brand, you can find some tips HERE. 




Size Height  Diameter Volume to Top Volume to Holes
Shorty Small  33 mm  38 mm  15 ml  9 ml
Shorty Medium  36 mm  41 mm  19 ml  11 ml
Shorty Large  39 mm  44 mm  24 ml  15 ml
Shorty XL  41 mm  47 mm  28 ml  18 ml
Small   45 mm  38 mm  23 ml  16 ml
Medium  48 mm  41 mm  26 ml  16 ml
Large  51 mm  44 mm  34 ml  24 ml
Xl  56 mm  47 mm  40 ml  28 ml

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  • 4
    About average

    Posted by Abi on Mar 23rd 2021

    I’ve been using cups for about 15 years, and every now and then like to try a new brand to see if there’s anything new/better out there. I really appreciated MeLuna’s options for size, thickness and tip. I love when companies understand that everyone is different. With that said, I didn’t find this cup any more effective (leak proof, ease of use, or capacity) than the other comparable brands. It is a little thicker than some of the competitors, which I thought I’d like, but it turns out it makes it harder to pop open once inserted. I tried several types of folds and would often find that it took a few tries to get it to sit correctly each time I changed it. Maybe this is just something about my body, but I didn’t have this problem with other cups. I always wear some backup on heavy days anyway, so when it leaked a little here or there it wasn’t a problem. I’ll definitely keep trying it, maybe I’ll learn some new tricks. I love cups in general, imperfect as they are. I wouldn’t say that I don’t recommend this cup, I also wouldn’t say that I recommend it over any of the others I’ve tried.

  • 5
    Me Luna classic w/ ring

    Posted by Tori on Mar 11th 2021

    This is my second Luna cup. I ordered the wrong size first. Now that I have the correct sizing, it actually seals! I can't imagine trying to pull out a full cup without the ring. It would be a nightmare (My daughter has had this issue when she tried a different cup). Get the ring! It is so needed and works fantastic!

  • 5
    Amazing quality

    Posted by Crystal Gonzalez on Mar 11th 2021

    Love this product. I had my former one for about 6 years and it just now needed to be replaced. Will continue to use this!

  • 2
    Not great

    Posted by KCR on Feb 20th 2021

    This is the 3rd cup I've tried. I read this would be a good cup to fit a high cervix, which is the reason I bought it. It would not open. Probably for that reason, it leaked when I used it overnight. It also put what seemed like a lot of pressure on my urethra and I am afraid to use it regularly because of that. Even though it did not get lost up there, I scratched myself with my (short natural) fingernails when trying to remove it. I'm going back to tampons.

  • 4

    Posted by Celeste on Nov 22nd 2020

    I like the ball instead of the stick at the bottom- it is definitely more comfortable to bike with! This works well for the last few days of my period, but I find that it leaks and doesn't hold enough for the first few days (my previous cups were a Keeper and a Moon Cup, for comparison).

  • 5
    Loving the ring handle

    Posted by Alex on Nov 14th 2020

    I ordered the classic firmness in size M. Previously I was using a DIVA cup (average size). In comparison, the MeLuna cup is a bit smaller and a bit more flexible. I wore it all day hiking today and didn't have any issues with leaks. I LOVE the loop handle; it makes removing the cup a breeze. Definitely happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Life changing!

    Posted by Brandise Grimes on Oct 30th 2020

    After using a Meluna menstrual cup for my cycle last month I bought a second one for back up just in case something happens to my first one because I never want to be without it! Buy one! You won't regret it!

  • 5
    From Hesitant to Hyped

    Posted by Aly on Oct 22nd 2020

    I should start this out by saying that I have a fairly irrational fear of losing things inside me, which made me hesitant to use a menstrual cup for years. I'd heard about them, but the thought of sticking something inside me?? to CATCH MY PERIOD BLOOD? LIKE A BASKET COLLECTING RAIN? How??!! How would it work?!?!? How would it not get lost?!?? I didn't get it.

    MeLuna's website did a fantastic job of acquainting me with their products, guiding me through each option until I found what looked like would work best for me. I got 2 cups (both classic firmness, one sapphire blue and the other clear standard) so I can always have one ready to go while the other is in use. Much easier than having to meticulously clean then reinsert the same cup every time it's time to cycle it out.

    There was a wee learning curve for insertion. I fiddled with the cup for a while to make sure it was unfolding properly inside me.

    I haven't had any leakage problems, which is cool to be able to say. That was one of my top concerns. Worth mentioning is that I am lightly active, so I was kinda worried that the cup would shift around, but it didn't. Removal is easy, albeit slightly messy (at least for me, a first time user), so I crouch in the bathtub and poof! Out it goes. No hassle, at least nothing a proper handwashing can't fix (which you should be doing anyway if you are using this product).

    I got the cup with the ring, which I think contributes to the ease of removal. The little blue froot loop thing lets me know I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Feels weird taking it out due to the suction action, but that's to be expected.

    I would recommend this product to my friends in a heartbeat - and I will!

  • 5
    Much more comfortable cup

    Posted by Lenore Landry on Oct 20th 2020

    I purchased this cup after trying another brand that did not have firmness options. Or as many sizes.

    I am a woman who has had vaginal birth, but the size recommended by other brands was too large and hurt when I wore it. The MeLuna gave me the option of going slightly smaller than the largest and it fits perfectly. When positioned correctly, I can’t even feel it. So nice to be able to not worry all the time when sudden “rushes” hit.

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