Cloth Connection Outreach serves the whole US

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Donate a new cup to a woman in need AND get $5 off your next order!

A little bit more about this specific project:


Cloth Connection Outreach is a volunteer and donation run charity that donates cloth pad and menstrual cup kits to people in need across America and Canada. We have donated over 300 FREE kits in a little over one year already! Our kits include a small starter set of pads (and a menstrual cup if the recipient requests one) along with a wet bag, drying strap and instructions on how to store, and clean the items in the kit, including handwashing instructions for people who don’t have regular access to a washing machine.

We depend on donations to keep helping other though. CCO is very lucky to have supportive helpers who volunteer to help make cloth pads for the kits and we hold regular “sew-a-thons” to get together and build up our available stash of cloth pads. We accept any style of cloth pad, new and gently used (used pads get stripped and sanitized). The recipient gets to choose if they’d prefer new or gently used cloth pads, and what length and absorbency they need and if they would like a menstrual cup. We also hold workshops across the country demonstrating how to use the pads and cups, our support Facebook group provides continuous support and files and videos to help with questions too.

We aim to help anyone in need of reusables. Low income and just people who fell on hard times who just need a little help. We do ask that they have access to water because of washing the cloth pads. We give to anyone who menstruates (preteen-adult ages) and we do not disqualify anyone because of gender identity.

Our kits will always be free of charge. We have a very strong calling to help people and started this charity because there were no free programs to help people receive reusable menstrual products in the USA. We appreciate everyone’s support and generosity and we look forward to help many more people in the future!

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IMPORTANT: This cup will ship directly to the shelters. You will NOT receive a cup by placing an order for a donation cup