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Cloth Pads as Unique as You

Domino Pads Cloth Pads

Create your Best Menstrual PadDomino Pads are uniquely customizable because we know every body is different!

Our reusable cloth pads are designed for your curves and conform to your body/panty to provide maximum coverage with minimum bulk

The cloth pads are vegan friendly and contain absolutely no animal products.

There are 7 different, body conforming shapes of Domino Pad to make sure there's one perfect for you.

Domino Pads come in 3 different top materials: bamboo, minky and KEEPDRY jersey
Introducing: Your Top Layer Choices

Our bestselling Cloth Pad: Bamboo

Hand-dyed bamboo

A colorful option that's velvety, yet not too hot.

Our coziest Cloth Pad: Minky


Cheerful color in a super plush fabric.

Our Newest Cloth Pad


Our newest high-tech material that quickly wicks moisture away and contains anti-microbial fibers.

Domino Pads Moisture Barrier is BreathableWe don't use PUL for our moisture barrier. Now that we talked about top layer choices, let's look at the cloth pad wings!

A breathable, thin Moisture barrier and Wing


Our reusable pads have no-bulk, single layer flaps/wings resulting in pads that feel like underwear - not like a diaper! Domino cloth pads use breathable, leak-proof Windpro Fleece as barrier layer instead of non-breathable PUL . The open ends allow for more airflow for less time in the dryer!

Domino Pads -Made in USA

Domino Pads are handmade in Texas from high-end materials.
They are free of PFOAs and PFAS
Our Anti-microbial KeepDry does NOT use nanotechnology

You can read more our fabrics here including the third party lab certificate on PFOA and PFAS testing:
Learn More About Domino Pads Materials!

Domino Pads cloth pads come in two size ranges: regular and petite. They are generously sized so if you are in between the recommended guidelines, go with petite. We suggest that users up to 5'4"/130lbs choose the petite line, while users at or above 5'4"/130lbs are generally most comfortable in the regular sizing.

Choose from 4 Absorbency LevelsPads are offered in ultralite, light, medium and heavy absorbency options to cover all of your 'flow' needs.

We also offer a hybrid version called 'medium extra' where the length of the pad has medium absorbency but with an extra layer right in the middle, where you need it the most.

For your convenience inner liners are color-coded so you can still easily differentiate even years from now:

Teal= Ultralite Absorbency

Blue= Light Absorbency

Yellow = Medium Absorbency

Natural = Heavy Absorbency


The actual Cloth Pad Measurements


Quince size pad, approximately 13.5" soaker/ 15" liner in length (available in heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Long/Plus size pad, approximately 12" soaker/ 13" liner in length (available in light, medium, and heavy absorbency)

Regular length pad, approximately 10.5" soaker/11.5" liner in length (available in medium, heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Pantyliner approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length (available in ultralite and light absorbency)

Petite size pad, approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length (available in medium, heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Petite Liner approximately 7" soaker/ 8" liner in length (available in ultralite and light absorbency)

Thong Liner approximately 6" soaker/ 7" liner in length (available only in light absorbency)


When snapped and laying down flat regular Domino Pads measure approx. 2.75" across the center and long Domino Pads measure approx. 3.00", petite pads 2.5".

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