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Domino Pads Quince MX (Overnight/Postpartum)



Our new overnight/postpartum medium absorbency pad with a wider/longer back side and extra absorbency in the center part. Trimmer on the ends than our heavy absorbency Quincy Pads!
This pad is specifically for women who are experiencing more flow towards the back portion of the pad. If you find yourself with flow in equal amounts to the front you may prefer our Heavy Long pad instead.
Absorbency is MX which equals Medium extra. Throughout the length of the pad the absorbency is medium but in the center there's an extra layer of fleece providing extra absorbency in the center only.

To give you a visual comparison to all available Domino Pads shapes and sizes we have highlighted the pad included in this listing in purple:



Sizing is as follows:
Quince Pad Soaker 13.5"/Liner 15"

Choose from these hand-dyed color patterns:


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