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Low Cervix Menstrual Cup in Sapphire Blue, Shorty, Classic Firmness

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This low cervix menstrual cup is called a shorty. The reduced height  makes it perfect for users with low cervix postion/ shorter than average vaginal canal. Our popular Classic firmness works well for most users. It is easy to insert and remove and very comfortable to wear.

This cup is featured in a beautiful Sapphire blue color in the shorty size range -perfect for users with a lower than average cervix.

The handle is available in all three styles:

a small ball - our least noticeable handle style, most comfortable

a ring - most noticeable and easiest to find style for users worried about  not being able to reach their cup easily

a stem - great for beginners, this style is comfortable and easy to find


Your MeLuna will come with the following items:

  • the MeLuna cup of your choice
  • a free cleaning brush for the air holes
  • a free MeLuna microfiber pouch
  • the instruction pamphlet 


IMPORTANT: If you would rather have one of the organic pouch options or a zipper bag, you can upgrade your MeLuna bag HERE.

If the MeLuna will be your first Menstrual Cup YAY! We are here to help, if you have any questions. 

If you are switching from another brand, you can find some tips HERE. 


Many Shorty Users prefer to go one size UP from the recommendations in the sizing guide


Yes you too can wear a menstrual cup with the MeLuna low cervix menstrual cup option, Shorty!


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  • 5
    Best product I've ever bought

    Posted by Sarah on Dec 30th 2019

    I bought this cup to replace the same model that I'd had for ten years previously and it still works perfectly. It's so comfortable I actually forget I'm on my period, and somehow even my cramps are less painful when I use it. I'll never go back to pads or tampons!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Krystal on Oct 28th 2019

    It works perfectly for me

  • 5
    I finally understand!!

    Posted by Rebecca on Aug 3rd 2019

    I love the shorty cup! I’ve tried to use the Diva on and off for over 4 years. I kind of understood what everyone was talking about saying they’d never go back to anything else but it was also uncomfortable and limited what I could do because it was so long and stuck out. I even ended up with it inside out and had no leaks but still way too long! Finally I decided to invest in something else and there are a lot of options and they all cost a lot of money! The shorty seemed to be my answer. The first one I got leaked constantly and it was a pain, I considered switching back to the Diva because at least it didn’t leak! However I saw the email where Karin mentions to get in touch if you have any problems and I’m so glad I did! She was so helpful and managed to help me figure out what was wrong! Now I LOVE the shorty, it’s only been 1 period since I got it but it was soooo great! I finally understand what everyone means and I’ll never go back to anything else!! Thanks Karin!

  • 5
    Meluna shorty is amazing

    Posted by Sarah on Jun 7th 2019

    This was a life changer. I wrote similar on the starter kit that had a shorty, but loved it so much bought a second. After childbirth and a surgical repair, I couldn't use tampons or other cups without significant discomfort or even pain. This one FINALLY fits, works well, and I don't notice it. I'm so much happier.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Emy on Jun 6th 2019

    Its great! It fits me so much better after babies! I wish i ordered it 3 years ago!

  • 5
    So Comfortable

    Posted by Megan on May 8th 2019

    Love the shorty style, it fits well and is still comfortable enough to forgot it's there.

  • 5
    Perfect for a low cervix

    Posted by Cara on May 7th 2019

    I love this cup! I got the ball stem and I cannot feel it at all. I had to trim my diva cup stem and it still always felt like it was sliding down. After I had a baby my cervix seems to sit even lower, so I did some research and found this cup. It holds less blood, but it is comfortable and to me that is the most important thing.

  • 5

    Posted by Kelsey on May 2nd 2019

    I have been having trouble using a cup since having my child. The MeLuna shorty has been the first one I've tried that doesn't hurt (too long/big) and doesn't leak! I used a cup previous to having a baby and it worked great, but the size/shape didn't work post baby. I love the different ends options too. This has been amazing!! Highly recommend!!! (Price was great too!)

  • 5
    Jennifer Benedict

    Posted by Jennifer Benedict on Apr 28th 2019

    So much better than the Diva Cup! I did the survey at Put A cup in it and was directed here& I am so happy! My uterus is low after 5 pregnancies & the shorty is a much better fit