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Menstrual Cup in Sapphire Blue, Sport Firmness

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The firmer Sport cup provides a more secure seal and resists compression by strong pelvic muscles but it can be more challenging to insert and remove. 

This menstrual cup is featured in a beautiful Sapphire blue color in the standard size range -perfect for most users.

The handle is available in all three styles:

a small ball - our least noticeable handle style, most comfortable

a ring - most noticeable and easiest to find style for users worried about  not being able to reach their cup easily

a stem - great for beginners, this style is comfortable and easy to find


Your MeLuna will come with the following items:

  • the MeLuna cup of your choice
  • a free cleaning brush for the air holes
  • a free MeLuna microfiber pouch
  • the instruction pamphlet 

IMPORTANT: If you would rather have one of the organic pouch options or a zipper bag, you can upgrade your MeLuna bag HERE.

If the MeLuna will be your first Menstrual Cup YAY! We are here to help, if you have any questions. 

If you are switching from another brand, you can find some tips HERE. 



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  • 5
    Firmly happy

    Posted by Wolfie on Apr 19th 2020

    I’m 21 and have a relatively long torso and high cervix. I’ve been using my Diva model 1 cup since I was 17 and loved the cup life. It made sports and living in the backcountry so much easier, not to mention my period was significantly shorter using it regularly compared to tampons. However, I was frustrated with my Diva cup because I have a very heavy period and it would leak within 30 minutes after inserting on my heaviest days even though the cup wasn’t full. I purchased the Meluna Sport Cup in size xl because I hoped that the firmness and the thick rim would solve this issue. It did! I was a little nervous getting the xl because I thought it might be too big and difficult to insert, but I had no issue. This is a very well made cup and I very much appreciate the variety of options Meluna has for different body types compared to other brands. Diva cup only has 3 different cups! 0,1&2, and the 2 is only suggested for “women who have experienced childbirth.” Thank you Meluna for having so many options to allow us to find the perfect fit!

  • 4
    Takes some time

    Posted by Lacey on Oct 18th 2019

    I used to use the Diva cup in Large (I've had 3 children), I had problems with that slipping so I ordered an XL in the Sport. This does not slip like the Diva cup did. I had to play with placement and found inserting more horizontally helped prevent leaks.

  • 5
    Excellent cup for a first timer!

    Posted by María on Oct 14th 2019

    I found this cup very comfortable. I didn't notice it at all while wearing it. It was hard to remove it the first time, but once I got used to it, it was very easy. The guidance in the leaflet was very useful. I lift weights, do spinning, and yoga. Doing all of these activities with the MeLuna cup was just as easy, and not uncomfortable at all.

  • 5
    Firm but comfortable

    Posted by Lynn on Oct 12th 2019

    Best cup I have used yet!

  • 5
    Best product ever

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 4th 2019

    First time trying this and I was SO impressed. Definitely makes life a little easier!

  • 5
    Takes practice but works great!

    Posted by Bennnny on Jul 9th 2019

    I have had a great experience with my cup so far! It does take some time to get used to wearing one but now I can’t believe all the hassle I used to do to change my tampon constantly! The sport one hasn’t leaked and the flat circle ball has been a fine and easy way to get it out.

  • 4
    Better than expected

    Posted by Julia on Jun 25th 2019

    I was nervous to try this but gave it a go after reading lots of reviews. I bought the short sport with the ball and have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. My only real complaint is that the cleaner wand broke off the handle on its first use, so I'll have to try to find another because it's too short to be of us currently. As a reference, I am 5'1", about 120 lbs and have never had kids.

  • 5
    My favorite cup

    Posted by Kalie on Mar 29th 2019

    This is my 3rd meluna. My first one I had for 5 years! My second, meluna sport shorty, I've had for 3 years. My first one I noticed just recently was becoming less springy so I grabbed a new one. This cup in sport version is great for tight pelvic floors. The price is fantastic, the cups are amazing, I couldn't be happier. It has changed my periods completely, especially with having endometriosis, it makes them a little less dreaded.

  • 5
    Very excited about this life upgrade!

    Posted by AB on Sep 5th 2018

    I'm one full cycle in and so far, I love my meluna! I can't feel it at all and have had no leaking or discomfort or anything weird (the learning curve was much easier than expected!). I love that I can just empty it once in the AM and at night before going to bed, and not think about it all day. I also had the welcome side effect of hardly any cramps, not sure if that was a fluke or the new normal (can only hope!) It did take a little time and effort to figure out how best to get the thing out, but with a few days practice, and some internet help, even that is now very manageable.
    I did go all-in and used it on a 30 mile multiday backpacking trip, which was maybe a bit much for the first cycle haha... I think I'm still most comfortable cleaning it out with access to clean running water :) but I did make the trip successfully.