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Finding Your Menstrual Cup Size

Two Great Ways to Determine your Menstrual Cup Size

Menstrual cup sizing can be a little overwhelming with so many options at MeLuna. Over the years we have come up with different ways to help you determine what size menstrual cup would be best for you.

Below are some options for users new to Menstrual Cups. If you already have been wearing a menstrual cup, your current menstrual cup can be a great starting point in regards to what MeLuna USA cup would work well for you. You can find info here:

Switching to MeLuna from Another Brand


Worried about low cervix height? Have a look at this article here and download the free tool!


The large majority of MeLuna customers will find their perfect menstrual cup on first try. Still worried about making a decision with so many choices offered? 

The Meluna USA Guarantee: 

If your first Meluna USA cup ends up not being your perfect fit, we offer a replacement at 35 percent off !

With MeLuna brand cups we know we can change everything about it in your next cup! You don't have to start over from scratch in yet another brand. We can make it taller, shorter, wider, narrower, firmer, softer and so on. And with the MeLuna Customer Service Commitment we will be there for you even after the sale including troubleshooting as well as a 35% off coupon code on your follow up menstrual cup, if your first MeLuna was not your Goldilocks.

Getting the 35% discount on your second MeLuna is as easy as filling out this short form here

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