Purchase a Menstrual Cup for Shelters in Syracuse, NY

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Donate a new cup to a woman in need AND get $5 off your next order!

A little bit more about this specific project:

I am Molly FitzPatrick, a senior at LaFayette Jr./Sr. High School, located in Syracuse, New York. I have recently begun a project titled "Tampons For All", that has a goal to collect feminine products such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups for struggling women in Syracuse, New York. These products will then be donated to Vera House (domestic violence shelter in Syracuse), Mission (providing programs to end hunger and homelessness in Syracuse). Roughly half of our world’s population struggles with this uncomfortable, yet inescapable annoyance every single month. Did you know that pads and tampons are considered ‘luxury items’ and cannot be purchased with food stamps? Can you imagine not having the products to make that week a little more tolerable? Unfortunately, today millions of women across the world are forced to go without menstrual products, due to their current financial situation. Even if you are not a woman, think of your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, cousin or daughter being forced to stay home from school or work because they could not afford these necessary products.

I began this project in hopes to break down the wall standing in the way of change, as periods should not be a taboo subject. I hope my project will motivate people to address this uncomfortable topic. We shouldn't let an inevitable, natural process keep us from helping those who don't have the financial means to purchase the products that many take for granted.

I am writing this letter asking if you would be

willing to donate to this worthy cause.

Curious about how this evolved? Read here!

IMPORTANT: This cup will ship directly to the shelters. You will NOT receive a cup by placing an order for a donation cup