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Sizes and Models


Help with MeLuna Sizing and Style

Switching from another brand?

Here is how the MeLuna diameters compare to most other brands


What size do I need? What should I consider before I order?

There is a reason why MeLuna is offered in so many different versions: The needs of our customers are ultimately very different, because every MeLuna user is different.

For a menstrual cup to work well, it is important that the size fits.

The cup is too small when

  • a seal can not be properly formed
  • the cup slides or twists
  • the cup may be difficult to remove because it sits very deep

The cup is too large when

  • the cup can not completely unfold
  • the cup can be felt while wearing creating a feeling of pressure or is even painful

The strength of your menstrual period is not the main criterion for the size. 

Heavy bleeding - what good is a cup that is large enough by volume but causes discomfort because it is too large for your body?

Minor bleeding - what good is a small cup that may accommodate your flow but it slips and does not seal?


Please consider these other criteria before making a decision:

BIRTHS  After vaginal birth you may need to adjust size of menstrual cup to accommodate the change in your body. In most cases you may need a larger size having given birth.

PHYSIQUE  Small, petite persons are more likely to choose size S or M. Users who are tall or users with a broad built mostly prefer larger menstrual cup sizes. Body size and stature seem to have an influence on the required size of a menstrual cup. Exceptions to that rule do occur of course.

FITNESS  Physical activities affect the overall stability of your connective tissue and your muscles. For this reason it is sometimes possible for very fit users to choose a smaller cup size. Different sports or exercises have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. Particularly noteworthy are: Horseback riding, yoga, pilates, Kegel exercises, pole dancing, etc.

AGE  It is sometimes assumed that the choice for menstrual cup size can also vary by age of the customer. This theory can be justified by the fact that as the muscle decreases with age a cup user may require a larger menstrual cup. This has not been confirmed for us. There seems to be no proven link. Users with a petite built, whose stature has not changed and who had no vaginal births may well use the size S into menopause. Just as a young person can be built larger or have weak connective tissue and may get a better fit from the beginning in the MeLuna size L. You may take the age into consideration if you are in between sizes.

Users who have never had sexual intercourse usually are advised to use the size S or M


MeLuna Shorty - another option

In addition to our standard MeLuna cups we are also offering the MeLuna Shorty. MeLuna Shorty differs from the standard model by its shorter cup length. MeLuna Shorty is available in the US in 2 firmness levels, 4 sizes and 3 different handles. It is particularly suitable for cup users whose vagina is shortened (i.e. by uterine prolapse)

The shape is slightly different from the standard MeLuna. It is slightly shorter and runs tapered to a point. Due to the short cone shape it pops open more strongly and seals a little more firmly. Removal may require a little more practice under certain circumstances.

We recommend the "MeLuna Shorty" for women whose vagina is very short for various reasons or whose cervix is located close to the entrance of the vagina. Women who had a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent), may find the "Shorty MeLuna" to be a better option than standard cups.

The right degree of firmness for you ...

MeLuna Classic, Soft or Sport?

MeLuna ClassicThe firmness level Classic is medium soft and suitable for most users. MeLuna Classic is still soft and at the same time firm enough so that your menstrual cup can easily unfold after insertion. MeLuna Classic is perceived by our customers as very comfortable. Cup users involved in very active physical activites may prefer the Sport version. For some customers a too soft cup may become more easily dislodged or unsealed than a firmer cup.

This firmness level of the Classic combines the requirements of a menstrual cup for good fit and ease of use: It is soft, easy to fold, and yet it has enough 'spring' to fully open easily.

For whom is the MeLuna Classic is most suitable?
MeLuna Classic is the firmness level that works best for most women.

MeLuna Sport
The MeLuna Sport is our firmest menstrual cup. This is recommended for users involved in physical acticities that require a lot of core muscle engagement. Some women feel that the MeLuna Sport is not soft enough however many customers really enjoy how easily the cup unfolds due to the firmer material.

The material of the sport has a firmness level of 50 Shore. This makes it 25% firmer than MeLuna Classic. This menstrual cup has a high degree of resilience. If they are pressed together, you can feel the force with which it springs back immediately. This 'springiness' ensures that the Sport cups can unfold perfectly even with strong pressure of the surrounding muscles and keep a tight seal even during more intense activities where a softer cup may collapse and leak.

For whom is the MeLuna Sport most suitable?
MeLuna Sport is designed for users involved in very active pursuits. Some sports and exercises have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. Particularly noteworthy are: yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, Kegel Exercise, martial arts, pole dancing, etc.
The sport is a good choice for users who are very active and have experienced leaking with a softer cup

MeLuna Soft
We will not be introducing the firmness level 'Soft' in the US for various reasons:
A very soft cup requires much more finesse by the user to get it to unfold properly. It also collapses more easily and is therefore more prone to leakage. The Classic is sufficiently soft for the large majority of users - in fact it is softer than many other popular brands in the US- but firm enough to function properly.

Cups soften over time with use and cleaning procedures. The MeLuna Soft would NOT meet the 3 year uselife standards set forth by the FDA.

The most important part about comfort and functionality in a menstrual cup is to choose the perfect fit for your body.
Many manufacturers offer only one or two sizes of cups. To make up for poor fit, a very soft material is necessary to limit the wearer's discomfort.

Unlike Silicone which has a strong propensity to retain its original shape, TPE conforms to its surroundings. You may find that over time your TPE cup becomes a bit more oval in shape after adjusting to its wearer’s shape. This is nothing to worry about. The cup will again conform to your shape the next time you wear it. If you ever would like to return the cup to its original completely round shape, simply boil the cup in hot water.

The material's ability to conform to your body along with our wide range of sizes and models ensures a comfortable and customized fit. Discomfort is eliminated.

The various handle options:

Stem, ball or ring?


The ring is easy to grasp and the MeLuna can be removed without a challenge. Beginners often prefer the ring.

The ball is our most frequently requested handle type. It is small and comfortably round. Many users are most comfortable with this type of handle.

The stem is recommended for users whose cervix sits further back/up. Even beginners who are worried that the cup may be difficult for them to grasp for removal may feel more confident with the longer stem. If it is bothersome, the stem can be cut or shortened as required.