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 Are you trying to find the perfect menstrual cup for you? We can help.

MeLuna offers a completely customized approach to menstrual cup shopping. Choose from a wide range of sizes - 8 in total! There are 4 in the Shorty size range - popular as a low cervix option- and 4 in the Standard size range, including the Small Standard, which is one of the smallest standard menstrual cups on the market and perfect as a first cup for teenagers!

Do you have a preference in handle style? We have 3 to pick from! Do you like your cups firmer or softer? We offer the springier Sport firmness as well as the easy to use Classic. Lastly find your favorite MeLuna color!

Let's get started!

If you are wondering what size to get, our Size Calculator is a great starting point. If you've never worn a cup before, let's go with these sizing recommendations. However if you have worn a cup before and it wasn't the right fit, we can chat about what needs to be different to make sure the MeLuna will be your goldilocks!

You can reach us through the chat option. Be sure to leave pop-ups enabled, so I can pop-up to assist you!

 The Shop Page has its own instructions on top of the page to walk you through ordering your MeLuna. If you are starting from scratch with Menstrual Cups, our Starter Kits in the Package Deals section may be a good option for you.

We're excited you chose to check out MeLuna USA menstrual products and are here to help, if you need us!


Your MeLuna USA Team