MeLuna USA will be closed August 1st through August 11th. Please consider ordering through our US retailers listed on the Retailers Page during this time.
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MeLuna USA

VACATION NOTICE: MeLuna USA will be closed from August 1st through August 11th. Please place your orders before then.

Welcome to MeLuna United States!

Have a look around and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Please note that the cups sold through MeLuna USA have to meet FDA standards. Because of that packaging, items included in the packaging and even the components of the cups themselves may differ from MeLuna cups sold in other markets. For example cups sold in the US have to be made with medical grade colorants, while MeLuna cups made for other markets do not.
We are not able to provide customer service for products ordered through channels other than MeLuna USA or our authorized US Retailers.

What we are able to provide you with however are the safest MeLuna cups in the world along with excellent customer service right here in the US!



Your MeLuna USA Team