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MeLuna USA

MeLuna cups have already been certified to stringent regulations for hygiene products in Europe and have been selling there for several years to thousands of happy customers.

MeLuna recently became aware that further paperwork is necessary to import the cups into the USA.

Different countries have different regulations and MeLuna is currently in the process to complete the paperwork to get FDA clearance to offer MeLuna cups in the USA.

Unfortunately as a consumer residing in the US you are unable to purchase the cups legally until FDA clearance has been issued.

Because MeLuna cups are considered a ‘medical device’ here in the US, the clearance process can be quite lengthy. 

We hope to be able to offer the cups to you for sale in the US by Summer 2014.

In the meantime we are working hard at establishing a distribution system right here in the US to supply customers and retailers directly from within the country.

MeLuna USA will offer you the same fantastic size range and dazzling colors that you have come to appreciate from our cups in Europe but without the hassle of dealing with customs and long transit times!

You may have some questions such as:

  1.  I am a potential customer - How will I know when MeLuna cups are available here in the US?

    Please consider subscribing to our newsletter. We will keep you updated and you may even find a Coupon Code in there for our big launch in the USA towards the end of the year!

  2. I am interested in becoming a MeLuna Retailer. What should I do?

    Please contact us through the link titled 'Retailer Inquiries'

  3. I already own a MeLuna from Europe. Should I be worried?

    No, the FDA process does not indicate any problems with the product. The MeLuna cups have been made to European standards and sold to thousands of customers without any problems. It is simply a regulatory hurdle we have to pass to enter the US market.