The MeLuna Customer Art Gallery

Have a look at all the wonderful customer Art we have received so far!
We are still accepting more submissions until May 20th. Voting will start May 25.

Please remember this is a MeLuna USA contest so if you are participating with a photo the photo can not show non-FDA cups. One submission per participant. Artwork has to be your own creation.

Since MeLuna USA only ships to US addresses you will also only be able to redeem your gift certificates if you have a US shipping address

ALL participants will receive at minimum a $5 gift card from MeLuna USA when the winners have been drawn. Three participants with the most votes will receive each a $75 gift card from MeLuna USA

Submissions in alphabetical order:

Amy Lawson

Ariel Marie


Camilla Lopez

Cari-Anne Reynolds

Chelsey Bennett

Connie Cahalane

Dominique Perez

Erin Trageser

Gwendolyn Howell

Katie Tyler

Laura McNeil

Lace Kelly

Rebekah Bookout

Sarah Patrich

Selina Tallapaugh

Sonia Campos

Suzanne Jump

Ting Ting Hsu

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