Menstrual Cup Kits for Standard MeLuna Cups

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Get to Know Your Menstrual Cup Kit Choices:

Our menstrual cup kits all come with: your menstrual cup, a storage pouch, a cleaning brush for the airholes, foaming menstrual cup cleanser and your choice of menstrual cup disinfection method.
1) Microwave Disinfection - this kit includes a foldable microwave safe container to boil your menstrual cup in the microwave

2) Milton Tabs - to disinfect your cups simply use one mini tablet and COLD water in the included disinfection container and leave the cup in the solution for 15 minutes.

3) Steam Device - this device is made specifically to disinfect menstrual cups. Add water, press the button and the dedvice does the rest!

    In these convenient all-inclusive menstrual cup kits, you can get everything you need to clean, sanitize, and store your menstrual cup, along with one of our super versatile standard-height MeLuna cups.

    Choosing Your Handle Style: From shortest to longest: The ball adds approximately 10 mm to menstrual cup height. The ring adds 13 mm and the stem adds 16 mm to menstrual cup height.

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