Best Menstrual Cups for Teens

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Best Menstrual Cup for Teens

MeLuna offers what no other cup offersAs a favorite on the New York Times blog, The Wirecutter, since 2016, the MeLuna menstrual cup stands out.No other menstrual cup brand offers more customization options, including one with dimensions and features perfect for teens.

"We love that it comes in the biggest variety of sizes (...) to accommodate people of different heights, athletic backgrounds, and vaginal birth histories. (...) Its design can be folded the most ways, yet it pops open easily. This cup is simple to insert, remove, and clean.(...)"

—Rose Eveleth,The Wirecutter 2021The immense amount of choices we give our customers with MeLuna menstrual cups also results in the best menstrual cups for teens.When looking at the criteria for what makes a great teen menstrual cup we have found the following aspects to consider:

1) it needs to be narrow so that there is no pressure felt when the cup is worn. A narrower cup is also easier to fold into a small shape for easy, pain-free insertion and removal

2) the handles need to be easy to grasp for new users but flexible so that they don't cause discomfort

3) shorter is not always better and longer is often uncomfortable. Most teens have average cervix height and do not need shorty cups. In fact using a shorty cup when it's not needed can make the cup more prone to leaking and the menstrual cup can be difficult to reach for removal in users with regular cervix height. At the same time a menstrual cup that's very long can protrude and be painful. The MeLuna Classic Standard menstrual cup in small is the perfect height for growing bodies: not too tall to where it pokes you, not too short where it gets difficult to grasp the cup for removal.

4) your period is not an illness. It's perfectly fine to have a little fun with gorgeous colors. MeLuna USA's colorants are safe, tested and FDA registered for application in medical products. Pick your favorite MeLuna menstrual cup color and you're are all set!By The Way...Here's How The MeLuna Small Compares To Other Brands In Regards To Diameter:

Small Diameter