Menstrual Cups Perfect for Low Cervix

comparison of standard menstrual cup to low cervix cup

Shorties are 30% shorter than standard cups

Here's how they compare

New York Times Review of over 30 Menstrual Cups:


MeLuna Shorty

The best menstrual cup for low cervixes

People with low cervixes often have a hard time finding a menstrual cup
that fits, because most cups are too long. The thermoplastic elastomer MeLuna Shorty
is one of the few cups designed specifically for low cervixes, and
compared with the other low-cervix cups we tested, this model is far
easier to fold, insert, and remove. With a low-cervix cup, you do
sacrifice volume—because the cup is smaller, it can hold less blood—but
comfort is more important than having to change the cup a bit more

Rose Eveleth
The WireCutter -NYT

MeLuna Shorty - The #1 Low Cervix Cup

With the Shorties, MeLuna has created the perfect menstrual cup for low cervix/ short vaginal canal.
The MeLuna Shorty cups are 30% shorter than the standard length MeLuna menstrual cups and up to 45% shorter than some competitor brands.
By giving you a size range of 4 diameters to choose from, you too can find a shorty that fits you comfortable while providing a secure, leak-free seal.
Our handle styles are flexible and comfortable to wear. There are three to choose from.
The ball is the most popular combination with the Shorty cup since it results in the lowest profile. If you are concerned about being able to grasp the cup for removal we also offer the ring and stem handles in the MeLuna Shorties.
Our handles are very flexible and you can remove them entirely, if you wish.

Wondering What Size Shorty To Get?
Most MeLuna Shorty wearers come to us because they have been unsuccessful with other brands. For that reason we created this visual to help you determine what size Shorty to get. If you were happy with your diameter in your previous cup but it was simply too long, we recommend going with the size up in Shorty. For example if you wore a size 2 Diva (the post baby one) and the diameter was comfortable, order a MeLuna menstrual cup in Shorty XL. If the diameter was slightly uncomfortable as well in the Diva 2, then the Shorty Large would be a good option.

Diameter Choices

menstrual cup comparison in diameters showing a diva cup

Most MeLuna Shorty Users Do Well With The Following Criteria:

The Shorty Small is used primarily by users with special circumstances:
Shorty Small

is created to accommodate users with the need for a very narrow AND very short cup. This may occur due to scarring from injury, radiation treatment or surgeries as well as medical conditions.

Users without special medical considerations generally select by these options:

Shorty Medium

is commonly used by users of all ages who have not given birth vaginally at all and have a light flow

Shorty Large

is commonly used by users of all ages who have not given birth vaginally at all or have not had more than one vaginal birth.

Shorty XL

is primarily used by users who have had at least one vaginal birth and users who have a very heavy flow.