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Steam Disinfection Device for Menstrual Cups


This is a method of disinfection -it does not replace cleaning! See last photo in gallery for illustration

For Disinfecting Your Menstrual Cup:

Don't want to take your chances forgetting your menstrual cup in a pot on the stove but also don't have a microwave?
This handy little cup steamer manages to disinfect your MeLuna menstrual cup with the use of steam in just 3 minutes.

All that is needed is an outlet and 5ml of water. Super easy to use!

  1. Thoroughly clean your menstrual cup with mild detergent and water
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of purified water 
  3. Place menstrual cup with handle facing up in the device
  4. Put cover on and press button
  5. Be careful the steam will be very hot! Do not move the device while on.
  6. Leave the menstrual cup in the device while it is cooling for 20 minutes
  7. Makes sure not to store any damp cups in airtight containers



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