MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic

MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic
MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic

MeLuna Menstrual Cup (USA/FDA version) Ball Handle, Classic

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  • The World's Most Customizable Cup
  • FDA Registered
  • NYT Recommended as "Best Cup"
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What makes Meluna the best menstrual cup choice? The MeLuna USA cup is:

  • the most customizable menstrual cup on the market, allowing you to have a menstrual cup with options just right for you to avoid leaks and pain. Enjoy comfortable, reliable protection!
  • made in Germany and FDA registered and monitored, ensuring a safe product
  • No wonder Meluna is a favorite of the New York Times Blog 'The Wirecutter' since 2016 in their annual review of over 30 cup brands.


About this Menstrual Cup Listing

Classic firmness works well for most users. It is easy to insert and remove and very comfortable to wear.

Standard height Meluna cups are best for users with average cervix height.

Your MeLuna will come with the following items:

  • the MeLuna cup of your choice
  • a free cleaning brush for the air holes
  • a free MeLuna microfiber pouch
  • the instruction pamphlet


What Menstrual Cup Size to Choose?

Size Small is primarily used by younger users and makes a great teen cup! If you are choosing the small due to light flow be sure that this diameter is sufficient to create an adequate seal for you.

Size Medium is a great cup for users of all ages who have not given birth vaginally. If you are choosing the medium due to light flow be sure that this diameter is sufficient to create an adequate seal for you.

Size Large is commonly used by users who have given birth vaginally or those that require a slightly larger capacity due to heavier flow

Size XL is primarily used by users who have had multiple vaginal births and users who have a very heavy flow and are able to accommodate the larger diameter


The handle is available in three styles:

a small ball - our least noticeable handle style, most comfortable

a ring - most noticeable and easiest to find style for users worried about not being able to reach their cup easily

a stem - great for beginners, this style is comfortable and easy to find

This listing is for the Ball handle style.


The Meluna USA Guarantee: 

If your first Meluna USA cup ends up not being your perfect fit, we offer a replacement at up to 50 percent off !

With MeLuna brand cups we know we can change everything about it in your next cup! You don't have to start over from scratch in yet another brand. We can make it taller, shorter, wider, narrower, firmer, softer and so on. And with the MeLuna Customer Service Commitment we will be there for you even after the sale including troubleshooting as well as an up to 50% off coupon code on your follow up menstrual cup, if your first MeLuna was not your Goldilocks.

Getting the 50% discount on your second MeLuna is easy. For more details on the program, click here.


Returns - The Standard Policy

Menstrual cup are a Class II medical device and returns are possible only in sealed, unopened package. 

Returns for refund are accepted within 60 days of placing the order. If your order date is March 1st for example your last day to mail the unopened cup back to us is May 1st.


What is refundable/ What is not refundable?

You will receive a refund for the returned product. You will not receive a refund on shipping cost since that cost has already been used to pay the postal service to deliver the package to you.

Returned product must be in original sealed packaging (cups in sealed cup boxes, pads in sealed wrapper, etc)

How does it work?

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing of your refund after the package has been received. Since we are a small family business we do close for holidays and weekends.

IMPORTANT: Please return items you want to receive refunds for in a sturdy box so that they survive shipping unharmed. Items that arrive damaged because they were shipped in bags and crushed in transit back to us can not be accepted for refund. Items that have been opened before being returned will not be accepted for refund. Items that do not meet refundability criteria will be returned to you.

Delivery confirmation is sufficient in case your package gets lost. Please do not send anything via signature confirmation. Signature confirmation packages result in having to make a 30 mile round trip to the post office just to retrieve your return.

Please include your invoice in the return and ship to:

MeLuna USA
ATTN: Returns
131 Palo Verde
Floresville, TX 78114
New Option:
You can request a return from your account dashboard. When you use this option a return label will be created and emailed to you after approval. A flat rate of $4.50 will be subtracted from your refund amount to cover return shipping. Do not use this option if you prefer to manage your own return shipping. All other requirements still apply such as sealed and unopened merchandise returns only.

Cups that are returned, but do not meet the above criteria, will be returned to sender.

Items that meet the above criteria are refunded in the amount of the original purchase price (the amount you actually paid).


Calculating partial kit returns

If you purchased items as part of a kit the amount for a partial return is based on the discount the kit purchase contained.
For example:

You purchased a kit for $45. It contained 3 items. Item A has a list price of $30. Item B has a list price of $15 and item C $5.

That means that you purchased $50 worth of items for $45 - a 10% discount.
If you decide to return just one item from this kit the refund price would be list price - 10%. It would not be list price since you did not pay list price for it. For example if you return item A your refund would be $27.


Refunds on Courtesy Issued (free cups)

If you are returning cups that were provided to you as a courtesy replacement free of charge, no refunds are issued. Courtesy replacements are items provided to you outside of our written policies.


Returns of University Cups

Did you receive a MeLuna Cup through your University and after reviewing the size guidelines you realized your university supplied cup will not work for you?
Please send it back to us in original sealed packaging and we will issue a code for a replacement cup.
Please include this form with your return.


Refund or Replacement with purchase of Money Back Insurance 

For customers, who chose to purchase the Money Back Insurance during the purchase of their cup, a refund of the purchase price of the cup is issued  upon receipt of documentation. The notification window with the Money Back Insurance is 60 days to give you adequate time to try the cup.

Once we receive the photo of the cup destroyed (simply cut the cup in half and take a photo), we will issue a refund for the purchase price of the cup. No refunds are given on shipping cost or the Money Back Insurance. You can find the Money Back Insurance option here.

We are happy to trouble shoot with you and help you determine a better fitting option. If you choose to get a new cup in a different model we will provide one free replacement in lieu of a refund.



To ensure accurate record keeping for the FDA we do not offer exchanges for different models once the order has been processed and shipped. All exchanges of shipped orders are processed as returns and a new order would have to be placed separately.


Replacements for Defects

Several products are eligible for return and exchange for defect:


Menstrual Cup Defects

We gladly replace a MeLuna that has not met our expectations of quality and longevity. We will issue a new cup of the same size, model, color etc. once we receive the defective cup back. These instances are extremely rare but we are here for you, if it occurs!

For accurate record keeping for the FDA we may ask you a number of questions in regards to your cup use and care routine so that we can include that information in the documentation for the FDA.

To file a product complaint report please visit the Product Report Page


Domino Pads Cloth Pads

Domino Pads come with a lifetime snap warranty! If your snap comes off we will repair it.

Simply send it back to

MeLuna USA
ATTN: Returns-Snap Repair
131 Palo Verde
Floresville, TX 78114

Be sure to include your name, address, email and if available order info


Electrical Products like Steam Disinfection Devices, etc.

If the steam device you purchased from us fails to work within 6 months of purchase it is eligible for exchange

Simply send it back to

MeLuna USA
ATTN: Defective
131 Palo Verde
Floresville, TX 78114

Be sure to include your name, address, email and order number


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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews

I needed a new product postpartum and this was perfect. It is easy to put in (after a bit of practice), easy to clean, and far more comfortable for me than tampons. I’ve recommended Meluna many times now and will continue to do so!

Rachel M.
came back for a 2nd cup

I really like the more firm cup -- thank you for giving us lots of choices!

Cynthia M.
Second time's a charm

The takeaway here is that this brand of menstrual cup run smaller all over (including the diameter) than other cups. My first one was a medium-size cup in the standard firmness. It leaked everywhere and didn't hold its shape. I liked the shorter length of the cup, though (the Diva Cup was way too long for me), so I decided to pull the trigger on another one. The large size is about the size of a medium in other cups, and it fit perfectly. Getting the sport version was a good idea, too, as it holds its shape better; I recommend it if you're athletic. The ball handle is super comfortable too. Overall, after some trial and error, I am very happy with what I ended up with and would recommend it -- just get a bigger size than you think you might need!

Natalye W.
Haven’t used tampons in 10 years!

Love using a cup. So convenient and I’ve saved so much money over the years.

Julie W.
An excellent cup, all around!

I usually never write reviews, but I have to write one for this cup. It is amazing. First of all, it was easy to find a size that works for me, based on the detailed and extremely accurate size chart. The "pre-children" standard size of many other cups is ridiculously large for me (found that out the hard way once - more on that later!), so finding the right size cup is very hard for me. I was also rather skeptical of the cup material at first, as almost all competitor cups are made out of silicone. However, I love the way that the cup conforms to my shape. I find that my stomach/digestion isn't bothered in a way that I often experience with silicone cups. I do not even feel the cup when it is in - I have tried MANY cups, and I have never had that happen before. I definitely think it is due to MeLuna's diverse size options and the conforming properties of TPE.

I also love how easy and stress-free it is to break the seal on this cup. I had a horrible experience once with a well-known competitor cup where I 1) accidentally used a cup that was too large for me, 2) completely forgot to break the seal on the cup while removing it late at night, and 3) dislodged my IUD, very painfully. Yes, it can happen. But yes, it was totally my fault and should have been easily avoidable. With this cup, it is very obvious when the seal has been broken. It makes an audible but light sound, and the cup then slides out easily when gently pulled. It also isn't difficult to break the seal, unlike with many other cups. One (or rarely two) pinches at the base does it - no more aimless fiddling and just having to hope that the seal was actually broken.

I was honestly pretty scared to start using a cup again, but this cup makes it easy and has taken away my cup fears. I can't even describe the relief that I can travel, swim, exercise, etc. again on my period. Thank you, MeLuna!

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