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    selection of colorful clothpads
    A cloth pad as customizable as our menstrual cups! - exceptionally comfortable with breathable WindPro backing and a body conforming design.



    How to Choose Your Domino Pad

    Pick Your Size Range:

    Petite if you are under 5'4"/130 lbs
    Regular if you are at or over 5'4"/130 lbs



    Then Choose From 3 Different Comfortable Top Layers:

    Bamboo (natural and biodegradable)
    Minky (soft and cozy)
    KEEPDRY Jersey (quick wicking)




    Buy 10 or more pads from the single pad listings (no multi-packs) and get 10% off of all your Domino Pads


    Below you will find options for individual pad purchases in both size ranges in all different top layers as well as gift packs and variety packs to get you started!


    59 products
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