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DominoWear Period Panties


DominoWear are US made period panties made for women with booty.

Whether you are naturally curvy or worked for your booty in the gym...we got your back!


People who care about Comfort

those who want to feel comfortable during periods, postpartum, or for everyday incontinence, especially curvier humans who are looking for coverage in the back

People who care about the Environment

those who want to make eco-friendly purchases

People who care about People

those who care about where and under what conditions their items are made

Some DominoWear Highlights:

All fabric layers are PFAS free

Our fabric layers are free of PFOA, PFAs, and nanotechnology!

Fabrics and end product are produced locally

All of our fabrics are manufactured in the USA, which keeps our carbon footprint low throughout the shipping and procurement processes.

Made from Plant Based Fibers

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are made with a closed-loop production process in which wood pulp is transformed into cellulosic fibers. This is highly resource-efficient, process that recycles water at over 99%.


learn more about DominoWear here:


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