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Finding the Perfect Menstrual Cup for Teens thumbnail image

Finding the Perfect Menstrual Cup for Teens

MeLuna USA  |  Sep 22nd 2019

With my own daughter nudging closer and closer to being a teenager I have given teen menstrual cups more thought.

What cup would I want for her? What criteria makes for a good menstrual cup for teens just starting out?

To be honest carrying the most customizable menstrual cup brand on the market probably does put me at a bit of an advantage. I can create the perfect cup for her at the click of a button.

I would want it soft enough to easily fold for insertion and removal but not so soft that it doesn't open once inserted.

I would want it fairly narrow so it can fold very small for insertion and removal.

And I would want it long enough to be easily reached but not so long that it is uncomfortable for her to wear.

I think the Classic MeLuna Standard Small would make the perfect first cup for a teen because it fulfills all of that criteria.

To illustrate this a bit better I am going to include a few comparison pics below. All competitor cups were chosen in their smallest available size.

menstrual cup comparison lunette meluna lily

And yes I am going to include a comparison between the MeLuna Standard Small and the MeLuna Shorty Small as well.

For a closer look, visit our YouTube channel to view the video Cups for Teens

We do offer the shorty in all diameters! So if it is needed, it is available. One thing to keep in mind though is that low cervix is much more common in users who have given birth.

And with the shorty so short in an average length vaginal canal it can travel quite high. It is a cup specifically designed for users with unusually low cervix position. That generally does not apply to teens.

The good news is that unlike the colon your vagina has an end to it: the cervix. So it can not 'get lost' in your body.

It can however be quite distressing to a new users trying to retrieve a hard to reach cup.

I therefore would consider the Standard Small MeLuna menstrual cup my first choice for teens, not the Small Shorty.

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