Your Guide to Period Panties and Menstrual Underwear

You may have noticed that we carry a huge range of period undergarment choices.

If this makes choosing the best period undies for you confusing, read on!

What are period panties?

what are period panties


Period panties are like regular underwear but they have a leak-proof panel sewn in in the crotch area. Like regular underwear they are washable and reusable.

You can envision it like a cloth menstrual pad fused to the underwear. 

It's all made from cloth so it's machine washable and reusable. 

It's up to you if you want to wash your period undies with your regular clothes or separately.

The period underwear will come with care instructions which may differ from brand to brand so pay close attention

If in doubt choose delicate cycle for both washing and drying (not hot).

how to wash period panties

Like regular underwear period underwear comes in many different materials and styles.

Are period panties in any way regulated?

Different countries will have different regulations on this. In the US cloth pads are regulated under FDA rules. By extension period panties fall within the cloth menstrual pad catgory. They are considered a Class I medical device, which is the lowest risk category.

As you can imagine, while not impossible it would be very unlikely to get seriously hurt by a menstrual pad/panty!

How do you determine what size period underwear to order?

Sizing will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so it is important to base your decision on the sizing guidelines of the brand you want to purchase.

One thing to keep in mind is that often clothing sourced from Asia runs a little smaller than clothing made in North America for consumers in the North American market.

The same is also true for the cut. While flatter booties might fit fine in simpler undies, rounder bottoms that require more volume in the back to fit comfortably may necessitate period panties cut for this body type like DominoWear.

All of our listings do include size guides. Be sure to read the listing text or view the pictures to find the size guide.

If you have trouble locating the size guide, please don't hesitate to reach out for help.

What not to do: If you already own one brand of period panty, do not assume you will wear the same size in another brand. Please check the measurements for waist/hip or size equivalents (DominoWear goes by US pant size equivalent).

What options are available in leakproof period underwear?

Menstrual panties come in many options! From least to most coverage you have options:

  1. Period Thongs - for those preferring zero panty lines
  2. Period Cheekies - show a little more cheek towards the bottom of the panty
  3. Period Bikini - covers a little more in the back but stays low overall
  4. Hybrid Period Undies also exist with the goal to combine several advantages to accommodate a specific body type. An example would be the DominoWear Period Panty
  5. Period Boyshorts - generally sit below the belly button but cut straight across at the leg
  6. Period Hipsters and Period Briefs - offer the most coverage. They go up higher and usually have full back coverage

Browse by Style:

Period Thongs and Cheekies
Period Boyshorts, Briefs and Hipsters
Bikini Style Period Panties
Period Underwear for Teens and Petites
Period Undies for Size 16/XL and up

Can you use washable period underwear for bladder leaks?

Yes! Reusable period panties also work great for bladder leaks and stress incontinence. Be sure to match your underwear style with your needs. Period thongs will likely not be able to provide adequate protection for stress incontinence.

The best period panty brands

Most people have heard about the news reports about harmful chemicals found in Thinx brand period panties a few years back. When we chose our supplies we took great care to select brands of period undergarments our customers could trust.

Listing of available period panty brands listed in alphabetical order:

Aisle Period Underwear

  • The Lunapads brand has been rebranded to Aisle Period Products
  • Made in Canada 
  • Available up to size 4XL 
  • Higher cost due to higher wages for products made in North America 

DominoWear Period Panties

  • Best panty for curvy booties 
  • US milled and manufactured 
  • Fair Wage 
  • Plant based, renewable fabric 
  • Third Party Lab tested and verified to be free of PFOA and PFAS 
  • Available in US clothing sizes 4 through 18 
  • May not be a great fit for very flat booties 
  • US made and milled will result in a higher cost for the panty

Flux Period Underwear

  • Widest range of styles ranging from thong, to boyshorts and bikini.
  • Body is generally natural fiber blend
  • Made in Asia

Lola Period Bikinis

  • Budget Friendly 
  • Cotton
  • Limited sizes at this time
  • Made in Asia

Proof wide Range of Period Undies

  • Widest range of styles ranging from thong, to teen, to high rise options, great for C-Section scars. 
  • Body is generally Nylon 
  • Made in Asia

Rael Menstrual Bikinis

  • Budget Friendly 
  • Cotton
  • Available in US clothing sizes 2 through 14 
  • This brand runs small. Please consult the Rael size chart before ordering 
  • Made in China 
  • Limited sizes at this time

We are working on a new chart to include more option and will add it here in the near future. In the meantime you can see our period panty overview chart here

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