Low Cervix Menstrual Cups by MeLuna- Shorty

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    Rated as Best Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix since 2016 by The Wirecutter/NYT.

    Are you new to menstrual cups for low cervixes and want to learn more? Check out our info page, Menstrual Cups Perfect for Low Cervix, to learn what makes MeLuna USA Shorty such a superior design for users with low cervix.

    The MeLuna in Classic firmness is our most popular choice for people with short vaginal canal. It is easy to insert and remove even for new cup users due to the softer MeLuna Classic material.

    Looking for standard height menstrual cups? Check here!

    Choosing Your Handle Style: From shortest to longest: The ball adds approximately 10 mm to menstrual cup height. The ring adds 13 mm and the stem adds 16 mm to menstrual cup height.

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