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FAQs about MeLuna Menstrual Cups


My menstrual cup has turned oval. Is that a problem?
No, due to the shape of the vagina menstrual cups made from conforming materials, like TPE, will take on the shape of the surrounding area under the influence of body heat. The oval shape is normal and does not affect the menstrual cup's ability to seal securely as long as the diameter is sufficient. We have compiled a video for you to demonstrate.

What is the lifespan of my MeLuna menstrual cup?

With appropriate use and maintenance, MeLuna menstrual cups have shown in a wear test conducted by a third party lab, that they can withstand a minimum of 3 years of wear. Many users have kept their MeLuna in great shape for many more years! Due to FDA regulations we can only claim use life that has been substantiated in third party testing. Testing is expensive. That's why we only tested for 3 years.
Please note: cups are not perishable. The manufacture date is on the box to allow us to track cups in case of a recall. Manufacture date is not relevant to use life. Use life begins when use begins. Generally we count the purchase date as the beginning of the 3 year use life.
Excessive exposure to UV rays will cause MeLuna to get brittle, which is why it should be kept out of the sun.

How long can I wear the MeLuna menstrual cup for?

MeLuna cups should be removed, emptied and cleaned at a minimum every 8-12 hours. New study results suggest that changing the cup every 6 hours is preferable.

How do I clean my menstrual cup?
Check out our Info Page on menstrual cup maintenance here: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Menstrual Cup
Help! I can not remove my menstrual cup

Using a menstrual cup requires new skills for many. For some users removing the cup can be a little challenging at first. Please give yourself enough time and keep calm.
Our pelvic muscles can unfortunately respond to mental stress by tensing up. That does not make things easier!
Go into a squatting/sitting position. Try to press the menstrual cup outward gently by using your pelvic floor muscles (like a bowel movement). The good news is: it will get easier. And your cup can NOT get 'lost' in there. Unlike your bowels, your vagina has an ending and cups can NOT pass through the cervix to go further up in your body.

Toxic Shock Syndrome with menstrual cups?
Yes. TSS cases in menstrual cup users are not common but they are possible
A few years ago a French study indicated that frequent disinfection may decrease infection risk. The study suggested to change to a fresh cup every 6 hours. To make this practical it would be best to have 4 cups in rotation and disinfect them once a day. We do offer a 4-cup combo deal is for users who would like to follow this approach.

The Consumer Reports summary can be found here 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There are very few cases of TSS in menstrual cups on record
  • The study identified that the bacteria associated with TSS clings much less to TPE than it does to silicone. MeLuna cups are made from the safer TPE material- not silicone!
  • MeLuna cups original cleaning instructions of cleaning with Cetaphil and disinfecting only twice during each cycle was verified to be sufficient in an independent lab study for our FDA clearance
  • If you have had TSS before any internally worn menstrual device (cup or tampon, etc) is NOT recommended
What is my MeLuna made of and how is it produced?
You can find info about MeLuna materials and manufacturing here: MeLuna Materials
Check out this blog post about menstrual cup materials as well! MeLuna Materials: Silicone, Latex and TPE
Can I use my MeLuna as a contraceptive?
No, absolutely not! MeLuna is not an effective contraceptive device
Can Menstrual Cups be worn with IUDs?
All bodies are different and different IUDs have different guidelines. Please consult your gynecologist for further input to find out if cup use is compatible in your case. In most cases at a minimum shortening of the string will be required.
I am a virgin. Can I use MeLuna menstrual cups?
Yes, you can. In fact MeLuna carries one of the narrowest menstrual cups on the market, uniquely suited for new menstrual cup users. Please keep in mind that your hymen may tear.
I have a latex allergy. Can I use MeLuna?
Yes, you can. MeLuna is not made from latex, but from TPE.
Can I wear my Menstrual Cup when I have sex?
No, absolutely not! Wearing the MeLuna during sex can lead to internal injuries
How Common are TPE Allergies?
The raw material of MeLuna, TPE, does not contain any proteins, PVC, latex or silicone. Because of that an allergic reaction is not likely.
Keep in mind that many contact allergies are linked to components in cleaning solutions and lubricants so be mindful of what you use with your cup and avoid unnecessary additives like fragrances.
Are Lubricants Safe With Menstrual Cups?
Lubricants can be used to simplify insertion. Since MeLuna is not made from silicone, the material itself should not be affected by silicone-based lubricants unlike other menstrual cups made from silicone or latex for which silicone based lubricants are not recommended. Please do not use oils or fats on your Meluna menstrual cup. Food oils like coconut oil can turn the Meluna black. Petroleum based oils can make the Meluna floppy.
Modifying the Menstrual Cup
Please do NOT turn the MeLuna inside out. Pointing the handle towards your cervix can result in injury and is not a safe way to use your menstrual cup. The MeLuna is also molded in its original shape and turning the cup inside out will result in a reduced uselife due to the strain on the material. If you wish you may remove the handle, following the instructions on our Instagram and Youtube channels.
Help! My menstrual cup smells
Unpleasant odors can be prevented. MeLuna should be removed at a minimum every 8 to 12 hours. Some users have reported temporary changes of smell, which are likely due to various proteins in the blood. A menstrual cup may suddenly assume a different smell, although it has been cleaned as usual. Usually odors disappear when you place your disinfected MeLuna in a dry, well-ventilated place for several days.
Can I use MeLuna while engaging in sports?
Yes, of course you can also use your menstrual cup when exercising. Because of its flexible material, MeLuna will fit your vagina perfectly and will not affect your movement. For users participating in sports that particularly involve the core muscles we recommend the MeLuna Sport cup. You can wear a menstrual cup during any activity you are able to usually perform, including water sports, etc.
Do you ship to Canada?
Unfortunately the annual registration fees with Health Canada make it cost prohibitive for a small business like ours to ship menstrual cups to Canadian addresses.
We gladly do ship all other products to Canada. We are also able to ship any product to Canadian citizens with a US shipping address.
Do you ship to Europe?
We do ship any product on our website to most countries in Europe.
The exception is the UK. In the past customs fees for recipients in the UK were so high that we had a rejection/return rate of 100%.
Regrettfully we no longer ship to the UK.
Customs fees are collected and retained by the receiving country and we have no control over it.
Do you ship to other parts of the world??
We are the US distributor and specialize in the FDA cleared version of MeLuna menstrual cups and other reusable menstrual products.
We do not ship to countries in Asia, Africa or South America as they may have their own regulatory systems and requirements.

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