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Checking out at MeLuna

Help! My MeLuna Coupon isn't working

We have compiled the most common errors in using coupons for you. Remember coupon codes can not be applied retroactively so it's important to enter them and apply them before you hit submit!

Let's start with the easy stuff!

Where is the coupon code field located on desktop during checkout?

Where do I enter the coupon code on desktop


The coupon code field is located under the cart summary on the right, just above the cart total.

Both Gift Certficiates and Coupon Codes use the same field. You can only use one code per order.


Where is coupon field located on the desktop when viewing the cart?



In cart view the coupon code field is located on the right below the cart summary but above the cart total. In cart view there are separate fields for gift certificate and coupon code. Be sure to enter coupon codes in the coupon code field.


Where is the coupon code field located on mobile?



On your phone the coupon field is located in the Billing Section right below the credit card fields and just above the check box for terms and services.

You can not check out without agreeing to the terms and services so if you found the checkbox for that you also have found the coupon field!

Enter the code and click apply before clicking PLACE ORDER!


I am doing all that and it's saying it's not a valid code!

Possible causes:

  1. The code was valid once but has since expired (likely if you found it in an expired promotion etc)
  2. The code is valid but does not apply to the products you chose (for example a cup coupon applied to period panties, etc)
  3. The code is valid and active but was entered with a typo

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