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HSA and FSA for Menstrual Care

YES! MeLuna USA accepts FSA and HSA Cards

Purchase your Menstrual Care via FSA/HSA

Simply enter your FSA/HSA card info in the credit card field during checkout.

Need Your Receipt for Reimbursement?Reprinting your itemized statement is super easy, if you created an account!
By the way ceating an account rather than using guest check out comes with many other perks like free returns and participation in the free rewards program!
Below is a bief turorial on how to access your account dashboard to reprint your itemized invoice on past orders!

No Account? No Problem!If you purchased your MeLuna menstrual care products without creating an account through guest check out, you can still get an itemized statement of course!
Option 1: Check your email. Your statement was sent to you after you placed your order
Option 2: Contact us with your order info and request a resent of the itemized invoice

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