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Hydrogen Peroxide - 4oz (no disinfection cup incld.)


1 bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 4oz. This listing does not include the disinfection cup

The hemoglobin in blood can be a powerful colorant. To avoid stains from setting into your cup it is important to clean the cup BEFORE disinfection. Heat can set a stain that means using heat disinfection on a cup that is still stained can set the stains permanently. Stains of course do not affect use but make the cup less attractive.

Please make your best effort to remove any stains before disinfection for this reason.

This is a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Once Hydrogen Peroxide is opened and exposed to air it loses potency. Keep bottle tightly closed after use.

Submerse your MeLuna in peroxide in the disinfection cup and leave submersed for 5-10 minutes.


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