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Switching from Other Menstrual Cup Brands to Me Luna

We are sorry your last cup didn't work out for you but super excited that you found us!

MeLuna Offers a Highly Customizable Menstrual Cup with many Size and Length Options

If you are coming here, it's likely you have first tried a brand that only offers two cup sizes. The first brand to be widely available was Diva Cup. Many of the brands following like Lunette, Lena, Saalt, etc followed the system established by Diva menstrual cups.

Most of them are designated as pre-baby and post-babysizes.

To make it easier to find your MeLuna size we have included the most common competitor's brand, Diva, in our lineup here:

We are using the Diva cup 1 and 2 in this illustration simply because most other two cup brand that followed, modeled their sizing after the Diva cup and are similar or even identical in diameter.

In other words brands like Saalt, Lunette and Lena have almost identical sizes in regards to diameter. We have therefore labeled the Diva cups in this lineup as generic '2-size brand' because it will apply to so many! 



Are you switching to MeLuna because your previous cup was too long?

A huge number of Meluna shorty customers are former Diva cup users who were uncomfortable in the Diva, because the Diva cup was simply too long for them. If your Size 1 (pre-baby) sized cup from another brand fit well in regards to diameter (no leaks and no discomfort in regards to rim width) but simply was way too long, the MeLuna Shorty Medium or Shorty Large could be a good option for you.

If your Size 2 (post-baby) sized cup from another brand fit well in regards to diameter but simply was too long, the MeLuna Shorty Large or Shorty XL could be a good option for you.

Was the previous cup just a tad too long? Even our standard MeLuna menstrual cups are a little shorter than really long brands, like the Diva Cup. 


Do not make the mistake of reducing diameter, if you need the width but not the length

Choosing a cup with a sufficient diameter is extremely important to create an adequate seal. The shorty cups are already sized much shorter than our regular cups. 



We're here to help via chat or email, if in doubt! Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


A great way to get all the info needed to make a good recommendation to us is filling out our "Switching Brands Questionnaire"