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MeLuna EDUCATOR Sample Kit


Practitioners and Educators: please contact us with the info shown below for a coupon code to receive this sample set free of charge

This set is available for the demonstration of MeLuna menstrual cups in schools, doctors' offices, or other medical facilities by midwives, health educators or health practitioners.
The set comes with 25 instructional brochures.
The full set includes 8 sizes of our menstrual cups. S, M, L, XL, SHORTY S, SHORTY M, SHORTY L and SHORTY XL and is available to healthcare providers free of charge.
You may also add one Domino Pads petite liner to the kit. It will be added to the sample ring.

The Me Luna menstrual cups are lined up on a flexible ring. This is possible only because two holes were punched in the cups. The menstrual cups are not intended for use; using them is not possible because of the holes.

Colored cups may be included in the sample rings but please note these may be from batch test runs and not be representative of the colors available for sale.


Practitioners and Educators: please contact us through the contact option on our website with the following information for a coupon code to receive this sample set free of charge:

  • Your name
  • Name of your Organization
  • Your Function as well as the function of the organization
  • Address of the Organization



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