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Low Cervix Menstrual Cup in Amethyst Purple, Shorty, Classic Firmness

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This low cervix menstrual cup called a shorty is for users with low cervix postion/ shorter than average vaginal canal. Our popular Classic firmness works well for most users. It is easy to insert and remove and very comfortable to wear.

This cup is featured in a beautiful Amethyst purple color in the shorty size range -perfect for users with a lower than average cervix.

The handle is available in all three styles:

a small ball - our least noticeable handle style, most comfortable

a ring - most noticeable and easiest to find style for users worried about  not being able to reach their cup easily

a stem - great for beginners, this style is comfortable and easy to find


 Your MeLuna will come with the following items:

  • the MeLuna cup of your choice
  • a free cleaning brush for the air holes
  • a free MeLuna microfiber pouch
  • the instruction pamphlet 

IMPORTANT: If you would rather have one of the organic pouch options or a zipper bag, you can upgrade your MeLuna bag HERE.

If the MeLuna will be your first Menstrual Cup YAY! We are here to help, if you have any questions. 

If you are switching from another brand, you can find some tips HERE. 





Yes you too can wear a menstrual cup with the MeLuna low cervix menstrual cup option, Shorty!



Size Height  Diameter Volume to Top Volume to Holes
Shorty Small  33 mm  38 mm  15 ml  9 ml
Shorty Medium  36 mm  41 mm  19 ml  11 ml
Shorty Large  39 mm  44 mm  24 ml  15 ml
Shorty XL  41 mm  47 mm  28 ml  18 ml
Small   45 mm  38 mm  23 ml  16 ml
Medium  48 mm  41 mm  26 ml  16 ml
Large  51 mm  44 mm  34 ml  24 ml
Xl  56 mm  47 mm  40 ml  28 ml

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  • 5
    Shorty XL

    Posted by Cindy C on Jul 21st 2020

    This is my fourth menstrual cup. I liked the concept of menstrual cups and after trying them, I really liked them especially because they helped decrease my cramps and I would be saving money. Unfortunately, the first one I bought was uncomfortable and had a valve on the bottom that leaked all the time. My next one felt better, but kept slipping or would stick out too far plus it leaked and I always had to wear a pad. The third one was a little larger, my flow is so heavy for 2 days so I bough one that would hold 30ml, still had to empty every hour or 2. Anyway, same issues, slippage, discomfort and always had to wear a pad. I searched and found MeLuna. Bought the shorty XL anf for the first time, except after right after emptying, I have no leakage! Stays in place, is easier to place, and I do not feel a thing. Day 3 and I did not wear a pad! now I can save more $$$! I also bought more and will definately recommend this cup!

  • 3
    It’s okay

    Posted by Regan on Jul 9th 2020

    I have only previously used one other cup which made me realize I have a low cervix. This one is great for a low cervix but I found it didn’t pop open as easily as my other cup and doesn’t hold a round shape at the opening very well.

  • 5
    No leaks and comfortable

    Posted by Amanda on Jun 16th 2020

    I had never used a cup. I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t feel it. I am so used to the dry cotton feel. This was much better. It lasted hours and I had zero leaks.

  • 5
    Me Luna Shorty

    Posted by Dana on Jun 8th 2020

    Great cup!! A little hard to remove but SUPER comfortable!

  • 5
    It's a cute baby cup

    Posted by Chanell on Jun 2nd 2020

    This was the first cup I ordered after not having success with another cup a few years ago. It's great for low cervix. It literally molds to your body. I will definitely purchase again for a 2nd cup alternate.

  • 2
    Medium Shorty

    Posted by Jaime on May 27th 2020

    I had hoped this would work for me, but even with a shorter profile it does not. The cup protrudes out of me with my low cervix making it uncomfortable and slightly painful every time i walk or sit down, or move in general. If I could tolerate it hanging out of me, it still would not work for me, because I can not pee when this is in, which would be more of an inconvenience, than tampons.

  • 5
    Never going back

    Posted by A on May 23rd 2020

    Other larger brands left me in pain for over a month. With the MeLuna Shorty cup, I forget I am wearing it. This is it for me!

  • 5
    Shorty cup

    Posted by RLH on May 14th 2020

    Don’t change a’s perfect! Plan on purchasing another one:)

  • 5
    Best Found

    Posted by Julie on Mar 14th 2020

    I'm fairly new to the menstrual cup world. The first 2 I tried had great potential, but ended up being just too irritating. This one fits much more comfortable. It does hold a smaller volume than the others, but I'm willing to sacrifice more "cup checks" for the sake of comfort. This past cycle was very heavy and I'm pretty sure I can now tell when it's getting full (before it's too full). Thanks for the great product that conforms to my body and fits me well.