Affiliate/Ambassador Agreement

Start Up
1.1 The Referral Partner in this Affiliate Agreement agrees to complete the application online found below.
1.2 The Company has the right to reject any application if the Referral Partner’s website contains objectionable material as defined by the Company.
2.    Company Link
2.1 Per Affiliate Agreements the Company agrees to provide the pertinent information to set up banners, links, logos and other company information on the Referral Partner’s website.
2.2 The Company has the right to cancel this agreement if the Company name, logo, or other Company material is displayed in an unacceptable manner.
2.3 Should the Referral Partner receive notice to remove Company references from its website this must be done immediately.
3.    Commission
3.1 Commission will be received when a customer purchases company products by moving through a link from the Referral Partner’s website.
3.2 Commission in the amount of 7% of sales will be calculated per purchase from the Referral Partner’s link once payment has been collected by the Company.
3.3 Per Affiliate Agreements, once the customer’s payment has cleared, payment will made to the Referral Partner quarterly following collection of payment.
3.4 The first payment as indicated in this Affiliate Agreement will not be issued to the Referral Partner until the Referral Partner’s account equals or exceeds (dollar amount)
3.5 Should the account be terminated but Company payment remains due to the Referral Partner, that payment will be made as per this Affiliate Agreement.
4.    Customer Information
4.1 All customer information collected through the Referral Partner’s link remains the sole property of the Company.
4.2 The Referral Partner is this Affiliate Agreement agrees not to share the client information with any other company or use the client information for personal gain.
5.    Company Obligation
5.1 The Company agrees in Affiliate Agreement to provide each Referral Partner a monthly sales report summarizing the sales from the Referral Partner’s website.
5.2 This sales report will be delivered via an email address provided by the Referral Partner, or via a private secure account on the Company’s website.
6.    Website Maintenance
6.1 The Company expects the Referral Partner to maintain their web site and update all Company banners, logos and sales offers as required by the Company and Affiliate Agreement.
7.    Termination
7.1    Either party may terminate this agreement by provided a 30-day notice in writing.
7.2    Commission due at termination notice will be paid out by the Company.
This Affiliate Agreement is made in accordance with the state laws of (state) by and between on this date (date)
Company                                                                 Referral Partner
__________________________                             _________________________
Authorized Signature                                               Authorized Signature
___________________________                           __________________________
Print Name/Title                                                      Print Name/Title

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