Affiliates, Co-Op and College Buys


If you love your MeLuna and are excited about spreading the word about the benefits of menstrual cups, we now have several ways in which you can be part of the MeLuna USA Team!

Below you will find info on our Ambassador Program.


If instead you are a retailer, interested in carrying MeLuna in your store, please visit the Retailer Application page.

If you are a college administrator trying to facilitate a bulk buy for your school, please contact us through here.

If you are a co-op organizer, please reach out through our contact us here.

Be a MeLuna USA Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador you need to be active in your online community in some way and have a history with our product. We really only want actual MeLuna users, who love the product, promoting the cups. No fake promotions!

If you have been using the MeLuna before but life changes require you to get a different MeLuna (after child birth etc) we are happy to set up our selected brand ambassadors with a new MeLuna.

As a brand ambassador we want you to talk about the cup and in what ways you have benefited from it.

You will have a personalized coupon code that you can share with your followers. With this coupon code we will track your Ambassador earnings.

We are specifically looking for a diverse group of people that are in contact with others who may benefit from using our product.

Ambassador spots are limited and awarded based on how well we believe your followers fit within that guideline.

Be a MeLuna USA Affiliate

Have an active blog, page or group and want to promote our product via affiliate link? We are now accepting applications for MeLuna USA Affiliates! Just like Ambassadors we would like the Affiliates to have a viewership that is likely to benefit from our product on a site with content at least loosely related to our niche.

Please use the Contact Us option to tell us a little about yourself and get more info on these programs!

Be MeLuna USA Reviewer

Not a MeLuna user yet but would like to be and have an internet presence? The MeLuna Reviewer program could be a good fit for you. You can find more info on the Review Applications on the Review Requests Page

When average is just not good enough...


Problem Solver: Anatomy

Have other menstrual cups been uncomfortable and incompatible with your anatomy because the cups were too long for your body?

MeLuna menstrual cups offer an award-winning line of menstrual cups made specifically for people with a lower-than-average cervix: MeLuna Shorty

Learn More about MeLuna Shorty

Problem Solver: Activity Level

Is your current menstrual cup letting you down because your cup leaks during activity?

MeLuna Sport menstrual cups are designed for athletes.

They are made of firmer material to ensure a leak-free period experience when exercising so you can keep going!

Learn More about MeLuna Sport

Problem Solver: Allergies

Are you unable to wear menstrual cups from other brands because you are allergic to silicone or latex?

The MeLuna menstrual cup is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer - a new cup material that is less allergenic and less hospitable to harmful bacteria than silicone.

Learn More About MeLuna Materials