Choosing Your Menstrual Cup

We hope you will find the following resources helpful for choosing your perfect menstrual cup!

The Menstrual Cup Quiz - determines size and handle style to match your needs

Menstrual Cup Size Charts - size charts for both standard and low cervix cups

Which Menstrual Cup Model is Best for You? - learn more about options such as: firmness, height range, handle styles, etc.

Switching from other Menstrual Cup Brands to MeLuna - See side by side comparisons so you can make an informed choice about your best alternative

Best Menstrual Cups for Teens - Learn about the criteria that makes a menstrual cup suitable for teens

Menstrual Cups Perfect for Low Cervix - Learn more about our award winning low cervix menstrual cup: Shorty

Determining Cervix Height for Menstrual Cup Selection - Check out this guide and tool to determine if a low cervix cup is right for you