Design Your Best Menstrual Cup

The Wirecutter, a New York Times Company, has rated us one of the 'Best Menstrual Cup for New Users' and the Best Choice for Low Cervix for the last seven years!

And here is why:

MeLuna offers a completely customized approach to menstrual cup shopping. Choose from a wide range of sizes - 8 in total! There are 4 in the Shorty size range - popular as a low cervix option- and 4 in the Standard size range, including the Small Standard, which is one of the smallest standard menstrual cups on the market and perfect as a first cup for teenagers!

Do you have a preference in handle style? We have 3 to pick from! Do you like your cups firmer or softer? We offer the springier Sport firmness as well as the easy to use Classic. Lastly find your favorite MeLuna color!

All of this at a remarkably affordable price for an FDA cleared cup.

Latest research has also revealed that menstrual cups made from TPE are less likely to harbor harmful bacteria than menstrual cups made from the more common silicone.

Let's get started Choosing Your Menstrual Cup!


If you are wondering what size to get, our Menstrual Cup Quiz is a great starting point. 

You can also reach us through the chat option Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm CST. Be sure to leave pop-ups enabled, so I can pop-up to assist you!

If you are starting from scratch with Menstrual Cups, our Menstrual Cup Kits may be a good option for you.


If you are curious about the menstrual cups evaluated, you can read the WireCutter article by clicking HERE


When average is just not good enough...


Problem Solver: Anatomy

Have other menstrual cups been uncomfortable and incompatible with your anatomy because the cups were too long for your body?

MeLuna menstrual cups offer an award-winning line of menstrual cups made specifically for people with a lower-than-average cervix: MeLuna Shorty

Learn More about MeLuna Shorty

Problem Solver: Activity Level

Is your current menstrual cup letting you down because your cup leaks during activity?

MeLuna Sport menstrual cups are designed for athletes.

They are made of firmer material to ensure a leak-free period experience when exercising so you can keep going!

Learn More about MeLuna Sport

Problem Solver: Allergies

Are you unable to wear menstrual cups from other brands because you are allergic to silicone or latex?

The MeLuna menstrual cup is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer - a new cup material that is less allergenic and less hospitable to harmful bacteria than silicone.

Learn More About MeLuna Materials