Domino Pads Cloth Pads

What Makes Domino Pads The Perfect Cloth Pad?

High Quality Materials And A Comfort Conscious Design!

Domino Pads Details

  • Domino Pads Cloth Pads are handmade with love right here in Texas, USA! Free of PFOA and PFAS
  • Domino Pads come in Petite and Regular size range to accommodate different bodies.
size ranges for cloth pads petite teen plus size

Dimensions Just Right for You

Choose Your Top Layer Material

  • Our bestselling Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV)is hand dyed in gorgeous hues. It is made of natural fibers and feels comfortable against the skin.
  • Minky Domino Pads have a plush, cozy soft top layer. This material is synthetic which means it is unlikely to stain.
  • The KeepDry Domino Pads utilize a unique fast wicking cotton jersey fabric in black. This high tech material is borrowed from the sporting goods industry, just like the WindPro fabric. It also performs excellent for stress incontinence.
fabric options for cloth pads
  • Domino Pads cloth pads are available in 7 sizes and 4 different absorbency levels
  • Domino Pads absorbent layers are a blend of bamboo and organic cotton fabrics
  • Domino Pads are designed for your curves and conform to your body/panty to provide maximum coverage with minimum bulk 
  • Domino Pads have no-bulk, single layer flaps/wings resulting in pads that feel like underwear - not like a diaper!

Single Layer Wings

Domino Pads Variety Pack Domino Cloth Pads- Petite- "NORTHERN LIGHTS" HD Bamboo
  • Domino Pads use breathable, leak-proof Windpro Fleece as barrier layer instead of non-breathable PUL
  • Domino Pads are vegan friendly and contain absolutely no animal products
  • Domino Pads' open ends are designed to allow for more airflow in the dryer, resulting in a shorter drying time! 
  • Serged with cozy soft Woolly Nylon thread for your comfort

Vibrant Colors in Minky and Hand Dyed Bamboo

fabric choices colors in bamboo cloth pads
fabric choices in minky cloth pads

Domino Pads Dimensions

Quince size pad, approximately 13.5" soaker/ 15" liner in length (available in heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Long/Plus size pad, approximately 12" soaker/ 13" liner in length (available in light, medium, and heavy)

Regular length pad, approximately 10.5" soaker/11.5" liner in length (available in medium, heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Pantyliner approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length (available only in light absorbency)

Petite size pad, approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length (available in medium, heavy and medium extra absorbency)

Petite Liner approximately 7" soaker/ 8" liner in length (available only in light absorbency)

Thong Liner approximately 6" soaker/ 7" liner in length (available only in light absorbency)


When snapped and laying down flat regular Domino Pads measure approx. 2.75" across the center and long Domino Pads measure approx. 3.00", petite pads 2.5".

sizes and shapes of cloth pads

Color Coded for Easy Identification

how to identify domino pads cloth pads