Product Reports

We're sorry you encountered a problem with your MeLuna USA cup! For accurate record keeping for the FDA, we are required to document all product complaints. This page will guide you through the complaint process. 

If the problem is related to a perceived defect in the cup, we will happily replace it for you with a new MeLuna, as long as it meets replacement criteria! To receive a replacement cup, please fill out the form below and include a print out of the form with your shipment.

Shipping labels are provided by Meluna USA if the defect occurs within the first thirty days. All other returns are to be covered by the customer.

To print your return label go here: PRINT MY SHIPPING LABEL

Cups that are being send in for defect evaluation need to meet the following criteria:

* have been sanitized and are being shipped dry in suitable packaging (box or padded envelope). Staining is perfectly normal and will not exclude your cup from return! Do send us your stained cup. What we don't want is cups crusted with dried blood, covered in oil or dripping fluids. Our customer service reps handling the returns appreciate your consideration.

* have been purchased from MeLuna USA or its retailers within the last 3 years

The shipping address for cup replacements is:

MeLuna USA/ Attn: Replacements

131 Palo Verde

Floresville, TX 78114

Fill out our online form.