Switching Menstrual Cup Brands

We are sorry your last cup didn’t work out for you, but super excited that you found us!

MeLuna Offers a Highly Customizable Menstrual Cup with many Size and Length Options.

If you are coming here, it’s likely you have first tried a brand that offers only two cup sizes. The first brand to be widely available was Diva Cup. Many of the brands following, like Lunette, Lena, Saalt, etc., followed the system established by Diva menstrual cups.

Most of them are designated as no births and post-baby sizes.

To make it easier to find your MeLuna size, we have included the most common competitor’s brand, Diva, in our lineup here:

menstrual cup comparison in diameters showing a diva cup

We are using Diva cups 1 and 2 in this illustration simply because most other two-cup brands that followed modeled their sizing after the Diva cup and are similar or even identical in diameter.

In other words, brands like Saalt, Lunette, and Lena have almost identical sizes in terms of diameter. We have therefore labeled the Diva cups in this lineup as generic ‘2-size brand’ because it will apply to so many! 

Most two-size brands are modeled after the Diva Cup brand and will have similar diameters.


Is your current diameter okay, but the cup is too long?

If your current diameter seems to work out well, but the cup protrudes or is uncomfortable at the vaginal entrance, you may be a great candidate for a low cervix cup. Learn more about them here.

Generally, we recommend going a size up if you are switching to a shorty. For example, coming from a Diva 2 that’s too long, your best choice may be the Shorty XL, as it is significantly shorter while at the same time being just a tad wider.

A great way to get all the info needed to make an excellent recommendation to us is by filling out our "Switching Brands Questionnaire."


Some Tips for Switching Menstrual Cup Brands

If you have worn your menstrual cup of a different brand for quite some time and it generally worked well, we do not recommend going down in size, even if our general recommendations for new cup users suggest it.

For example, if you had less than two vaginal births, the new user suggestion for MeLuna would be size Large. If you have worn the Diva size 2 for several years and want to switch, a MeLuna large would have a slightly smaller diameter than your existing cup.

In that case, a MeLuna XL could be a better choice to avoid leaking due to insufficient diameter, the most common cause of leaking. Our blog post has more info.

You can review all of our dimensions here:

Visual Menstrual Cup Comparisons

Many customers who are unhappy with their current cup find it helpful to see it next to a MeLuna.

To make it easier to differentiate, we used all Sapphire blue MeLuna menstrual cups when standard length cups are shown and all Amethyst purple MeLuna menstrual cups when SHORTY MeLuna are shown.

We are organizing the cups in the smallest to largest DIAMETER sizes.

If the competitor's diameter is the same as MeLuna's, we place the competitor's cup first. MeLuna cups come in four sizes (Small, Medium, large, and XL), so you will see four MeLuna cups in each lineup.

Diva Cup (sizes 0, 1 & 2) compared to MeLuna Shorty Menstrual Cups Diva cup comparison low cervix

Diva Cup (sizes 0, 1 & 2) compared to MeLuna Standard Menstrual Cups

Diva cup comparison standard meluna

Flex Cup (sizes slim & full) compared to MeLuna Shorty Menstrual Cups flex cup comparison meluna low cervix Flex Cup (sizes slim & full) compared to MeLuna Standard Menstrual Cups flex cup comparison standard meluna cups

Lena Cup (sizes small & large) compared to MeLuna Shorty Menstrual Cups lena cup comparison

Lena Cup (sizes small & large) compared to MeLuna Standard Menstrual Cups lena cup comparison meluna cups

Saalt Cup (sizes small & regular) compared to MeLuna Shorty Menstrual Cups saalt cup comparison to low cervix meluna

Saalt Cup (sizes small & regular) compared to MeLuna Standard Menstrual Cups

saalt cup comparison standard meluna menstrual cups






What to Expect When Switching Cup Brands

For customers switching from silicone cups to TPE cups, two things are frequently noticed:

1) TPE cups like the MeLuna have a softer snapping open action than silicon cups. This does not mean they're not working. It's simply a different material working a different way. There's no need to panic. Insert the cup as instructed and enjoy a gentler unfolding experience.

2) Unlike silicone cups that always try to regain the round shape they were molded in, TPE cups like MeLuna work by conforming to their surroundings. Since the vagina is shaped more similarly to a compressed hose than a round pipe, it is normal for TPE cups to take on an equally compressed oval or bean shape.

IMPORTANT: neither of these factors contributes to leaking. The different materials' properties simply create a different user experience.