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3 Pair Bundle of DominoWear - Period Panties

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3 Pair of DominoWear Discount Bundle!

2 moderate absorbency panties and 1 heavy absorbency panty are included in this greatly discounted ($19 off ! ) bundle

Who are DominoWear Panties for??

People who care about Comfort

How is DW different? Thoughtful body friendly design, high-end/ superior materials, easily outperforming competitor brands.

People who care about the Environment

How is DW different? Made from super comfortable Tencel, a renewable fiber that recycles 99% of the water used in the process. PFOA- and PFAS-free!

People who care about People

How is DW different? DominoWear -from the fabrics to the panty itself- are made in USA under fair wage conditions.


Flattering below the belly button fit in front and higher in the back to make sure those curves are covered! Gym-goers will appreciate our squat-proof design.


How much does it hold?

Menstruation is different for every user

Someone whose menstrual fluid distributes evenly throughout the absorbent panel will be able to go longer in between panty changes than someone whose menstrual fluid accumulates mainly in one area (i.e. the ‘back bleeder’).

For that reason we chose to label our absorbency levels as ‘moderate’ and ‘heavy’, rather than assign them tampon values. For spot bleeders tampon values like ‘holds 2 tampons worth’ tend to be unrealistic.

If you would like to gauge absorbency level by overall capacity though the DominoWear Panty in moderate roughly equates to a 2-3 Tampon panty in other brands and the heavy compares to a 4-5+ Tampon Panty in other




Want to learn more about Domino Wear? Check it out here:

Domino Wear -the Better Period Panty

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