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Menstrual Cup Sample Requests from Reviewers

Due to MeLuna's immense popularity we are receiving a large number of review sponsorship requests. Unfortunately we are not able to supply samples to all reviewers requesting.

To streamline the process we have created a few guidelines and a schedule. Review spots are assigned on a 'best compatibility' basis rather than 'first come, first served'. You may submit your application from our contact page by clicking here.


  • You must have a blog/vlog following of at least 250. Your Facebook page has to have at least 500 Likers
  • Your application has to include a URL link to your site/blog/channel, viewership numbers and a description of your review procedure (i.e. does it include a Giveaway, Coupon Codes, etc.)
  • You are required to adequately familiarize yourself with the product, using our website
  • You maintain a connection to MeLuna by following MeLuna USA on either Facebook or Twitter
  • You agree to provide a draft of your review to MeLuna USA before your review is published. This will also give both parties an opportunity to clarify potential inaccuracies or questions
  • You will provide an unbiased, honest review. To ensure the objectivity of the review we will not pay for reviews.
  • You may be put on a waiting list. MeLuna USA will sponsor only 1 review every other month
  • Your review must be completed in a timely manner as to not impact the next review (within 30 days of product received)
  • MeLuna USA is happy to
    • provide our chosen reviewers with free product samples,
    • issue a dedicated coupon code for your viewers/readers
    • and/or sponsor a Giveaway

We receive many inquiries daily. If your submission does not include a link as well as the requested info, we will not be able to process your application.