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The MeLuna USA Menstrual Cup Size Chart

Determining size by chart:

Me Luna® menstrual cups come in eight different sizes, tailored to the different needs of our customers. 
Criteria to take into account when selecting a size: 
heaviness of period, vaginal births, your pelvic floor muscles and the position of the cervix during menstruation. As a general rule:
Size Small is primarily used by younger users or for lighter flow in users where the small diameter is sufficient to create an adequate seal.
Size Medium is primarily used by users of all ages, mainly those who have not given birth vaginally
Size Large is commonly used by users who have given birth vaginally or those with heavier flows that are able to accommodate the larger diameter
Size XL is mainly used by users with multiple vaginal births, users that have a very heavy flow and are able to accommodate the larger diameter and users who are unable to achieve a sufficient seal in smaller diameters

Please note many users who choose shorty cups find it useful to go up one in size