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Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit - HOT

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In this discounted Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit you will receive everything you need to get started with Menstrual Cups. It is also super convenient for users already familiar with cups.

This kit is for customers who prefer disinfection via boiling water. (instead of Milton tabs). Have a look at the Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit in COLD, if you prefer the tabs method.

There are two components in taking care of your cup: cleaning (every time you empty the cup) and disinfection (before and after your period).


What Size to Choose?

In Standard Height Cups most customers do well with the following criteria:

Size Small is primarily used by younger users and makes a great teen cup! If you are choosing the small due to light flow be sure that this diameter is sufficient to create an adequate seal for you.

Size Medium is a great cup for users of all ages who have not given birth vaginally. If you are choosing the medium due to light flow be sure that this diameter is sufficient to create an adequate seal for you.

Size Large is commonly used by users who have given birth vaginally or those that require a slightly larger capacity due to heavier flow

Size XL is primarily used by users who have had multiple vaginal births and users who have a very heavy flow and are able to accommodate the larger diameter


Method of disinfection in this kit: Hot boiling water in the microwave

The beginner menstrual cup kit includes the following:

1 Menstrual Cup with cleaning brush and storage bag

1 Cetaphil gentle cleanser -2 oz bottle

1 Foldable disinfection cup


Take the worry out of taking the plunge by simply purchasing this Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit.







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  • 5
    Basic cup kit - Hot

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 15th 2021

    This kit came with everything I wanted: a customized cup, a storage bag, and a sterilization cup for hot water. The small brush and cleansing lotion are nice extras. MeLuna has products to fit everyone's needs.

  • 4
    Not My Goldilocks Fit Yet But Wonderful Customer Service!!!

    Posted by monica morant on Mar 21st 2021

    i ordered this kit for microwave disinfecting of my new cup but somehow i only received the cup itself and not the other items. i waited a day or two to see if the rest might arrive in a separate shipment, but when it didn’t, i contacted Karin and received an immediate response that she would ship the missed items. not only did she ship the missed items, but she included one of their lovely glass drying/storage trays. that was unexpected and certainly not necessary. i call that excellent customer service!! sadly, my first cup didn’t fit well and i began leaking within 2hrs of insertion. i’m 49 and have a fairly heavy flow the first few days, but haven’t given vaginal birth, so i went with a size medium according to the sizing guidelines. low and behold if the first cup doesn’t work, you can buy the next at 40% off! considering the nature of trial and error for how we have to find the right fit for these cups, i think that’s a pretty great deal. so now waiting for the large to arrive. i found the material of the classic fairly flexible and easy to insert, so i hope that the next size up is as easy and hopefully keeps a better fitting seal. i’m also a runner/triathlete and do long races lasting several hours where stopping to change tampons is the worst!! once i find the right fit, i plan to purchase the sport version as well for long training and racing. my only regret is that i didn’t start using menstrual cups much sooner!!

  • 5
    All you could need to get started

    Posted by Kate on Nov 13th 2020

    This starter kit was perfect for my first go at using a menstrual cup. The microwave heating cup worked perfectly and is so nice and compact when it folds up. It dries quickly too. I ordered the MeLuna cup with a ring and found it really helpful having something to hook my finger into when removing the cup. I was so impressed with how effective the MeLuna cup is. I don't think my cup was forming a tight seal so I might try the size L if I'm still not getting a seal with the size M next time.

  • 3
    It got stuck

    Posted by Grace Rodriguez on Oct 28th 2020

    I really recommend beginners to not get the bell handle style. Get the ring or stem because it would probably be easier to get out it out if it goes too far deep. This was my first time trying it and I guess I insert it wrong that it went really far deep and then I couldnt' get it out. My partner had to help me. Not a very desirable experience.

  • 5
    Excelente calidad y servicio. 100% RECOMENDADA

    Posted by Yaritza Garcia on Sep 13th 2020

    Tuve que hacer un cambio de copa ya que tengo la cervix baja y después de una intensa busqueda di con MeLune y les debo decir que fue la mejor inversión. Tienen MUCHA variedad y eso me encanta. Piensan en todo tipo de persona y necesidad, de verdad que wow! Desde el primer día que la use no he tenido NADA de fugas. Super comoda llevarla puesta, nisiquiera la sientes.
    Si vas a comprarla analiza el alto de tu cervix para saber si es alta, normal o baja. Analizá la fuerza de tus paredes vaginales para saber si la quieres blanda, normal o durita. También mira cuanta cantidad de flujo tienes. OJO! a veces cuando utilizamos pads de farmacia parece haber mucho mas flujo de lo que de verdad es.

  • 5
    Highly recommend!!

    Posted by Julie Bare on Sep 2nd 2020

    I decided to switch brands of menstrual cup after burning my last one on the stove. I was nervous about switching brands but I am so happy with my new cup! The microwavable cleaning cup is such a good idea! And I enjoyed watching all of the informational videos on the website to help me figure out which cup to buy.

  • 5
    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Posted by Emily on Jul 27th 2019

    I was nervous but I'd done my research and read the feedback that people cramp less. Well... it took my a few cycles to use my new cup - and it's awesome! Less cramping and with my super variable flow I don't have to worry about what my body is doing. I was able to empty it without any mess. The only thing I'd change is the "handle" sort of thing. I got a long straight one and I think having a little something more to grab - I think there's a ball version - would be even better

  • 5
    Starter kit is great!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2019

    I’m new to menstrual cups and the website and the items in the starter kit made it easy to learn and keep it clean. The large cup is nice to have something to hold it in between cycles as well as have it disinfected in in the microwave! I definitely recommend this is you’re new to these, it comes with everything you need! (If you want hot disinfecting which I prefer)

  • 5
    Shorty Cup

    Posted by Sarah on May 7th 2019

    After having complicated births with children I couldn't wear tampons or other products without significant pain. This is the first cup I can wear that stays in place and isn't painful! The shorty small was perfect following a repair from childbirth. I was happy I was almost in tears.

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