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Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit - HOT

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In this discounted Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit you will receive everything you need to get started with Menstrual Cups. It is also super convenient for users already familiar with cups.

This kit is for customers who prefer disinfection via boiling water. (instead of Milton tabs). Have a look at the Basic Beinner Menstrual Cup Kit in COLD, if you prefer the tabs method.

There are two components in taking care of your cup: cleaning (every time you empty the cup) and disinfection (before and after your period).


The beginner menstrual cup kit includes the following:

1 Menstrual Cup with cleaning brush and storage bag

1 Cetaphil gentle cleanser -2 oz bottle

1 Foldable disinfection cup


Take the worry out of taking the plunge by simply purchasing this Basic Beginner Menstrual Cup Kit.


Many users find it helpful to go up one size from the standard recommendations, when choosing a shorty cup

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  • 5
    Basic Starter Kit

    Posted by Maria M. on Sep 20th 2018

    Still surprised at how well my new menstrual cup works and how I almost can not feel it.

  • 4
    No stress periods, almost a miracle.

    Posted by Angela on Sep 10th 2018

    This little dude has really changed my period game. The starter kit is great. I love the silicone container, which I pour boiling water into (from my electric kettle) to clean. I already use Cetaphil, so that was a no-brainer. My new little friend didn't leak once until I forgot that I was supposed to empty it after TWELVE hours and not 24, oops! I love how I can just leave this guy in all day while at work and don't have to worry about my period while at work.
    It is gross to clean, but what about periods isn't gross? After I get over the grossness, it's kind of interesting to see what my body actually produces, instead of instantly flushing it or wrapping it up in shame paper and tossing it into the bin.
    As a person with general anxiety, this is the least anxious I've ever been about my period. All the thumbs up!

  • 5
    Do it!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 6th 2018

    I did extensive research online and struggled internally with whether or not I was ready to make the switch. I took the plunge and two cycles in I am already incredibly satisfied. While it does take some getting used to and you become VERY FAMILIAR with your body, it is totally worth it. No more setting alarms to change tampons or worrying about the pads leaking. While this depends on your flow, I can wear mine all day before emptying it. I would suggest the MeLuna brand as they offer the most customization and if you purchase the wrong cup they will work with you to get you the right one (and I think I read they will provide a 30% discount). The kit is a great way to get started as it includes the essentials for keeping your cup clean and disinfected.

  • 5
    So easy!

    Posted by Alaina on Aug 15th 2018

    I was interested in switching to a menstrual cup, but very intimidated. The MeLuna hot pack made it super easy to start using a menstrual cup and adapt to the upkeep/maintenance required. I was very impressed by the variety of cups available and loved the quiz option. I felt so confident making a purchase that was right for me. Using the MeLuna cup has been easy and the customer support is phenomenal. Highly recommend. It’s been such a smooth switch, and I can’t imagine ever using another product other than MeLuna.