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What to Expect When Switching to a Low Cervix Cup thumbnail image

What to Expect When Switching to a Low Cervix Cup

MeLuna USA  |  Mar 18th 2021

We are so happy to provide you with menstrual cup options for low cervix / short vaginal canal.

When you arrive at the decision to switch to a low cervix cup, it will be because you can not accommodate a standard length.

If you can accommodate a standard length cup you should not choose a MeLuna shorty.

low cervix menstrual cup next to standard menstrual cup

A change in menstrual cup dimensions

MeLuna Shorty cups are 30% shorter than MeLuna standard length cups.

This will have an effect on volume. Volume is the amount of space on the inside of a container.

Volume will depend on the dimensions of that diameter.

What will it mean to you?

A shorty menstrual cup will hold less volume because it is less tall.

The diameters will be exactly the same. A small diameter in standard length will be the same as a small diameter in a shorty.

That means that using a MeLuna shorty menstrual cup will very likely require you to empty your cup more frequently.

This is not a malfunction. It is simply the result of a lower volume due to reduced height.

meluna size chart of menstrual cups

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